'The Boys': Who Is Exploding Heads Everywhere? Fans Have 2 Theories After Episode 7

Season 2 of The Boys is as gory as one would expect, but there’s one element that’s been keeping viewers on edge and it’s not Homelander.

Tense scenes where it feels like someone is going to get burned, gored, or killed in an absurdly violent way have been made bloodier with exploding heads. It happened early in the season with Agent Susan Raynor, and that incident freaked out Hughie, Frenchie, and Mother’s Milk along with the rest of us.

Then came massacre in episode 7. But who is causing this mayhem? Fans have two guesses and they seem legit.

[Spoiler Alert: The article contains spoilers from episode 7 of The Boys Season 2]

Suspect 1: Stan Edgar

There’s a segment of Redditors who believe Stan Edgar holds the power to burst heads. He’s not intimidated by Homelander and for some reason, none of the Supes have tried to take him out or seize control over Vought — yet. Does he have a device, power, or secret weapon that keeps everyone in check?

It’s possible he’s a supe too with compound-V running through his system. Fans pointed out that he wasn’t at the hearing with the congresswoman and it looked like all Vought detractors (even random people) had their heads popped. Further, if he has eyes and ears everywhere, the ability to clip Raynor makes sense too.

One Redditor wrote, “Good point. That might also explain why black noir was so quick to listen up when Edgar was on the phone with him while he was trying to kill mm, hugh, and butcher. Anyone would be scared of someone with that power. Even the seven.”

Suspect 2: Alastair the church leader

So many things remain to be seen about the Church of the Collective. It’s clear Alastair is pro-Supe and the way he flipped on Eagle the Archer proves he doesn’t have a problem eliminating anyone who deviates from his or the church’s agenda.

Notice how Shockwave was one of the casualties in the blood bath at the end of episode 7. Alastair wanted him out of the way to make room for A-Train’s return to the Seven and he was the only supe at that hearing who got popped. He also had a meeting lined up with Edgar to get A-Train and Deep back on the team.

Some fans think the church is in on a grand scheme with Edgar and they’re working together, while others think the Collective is operating alone. Because this show is full of surprises that aren’t found in the comics, it’s possible Alastair is connected to this scary head-bursting power.

Wildcard guess is the girl from the lab: Cindy

There’s the young woman (Cindy) who reminds people of Eleven from Stranger Things. At the end of episode 6, she’d escaped from the Sage Grove facility and stole a ride to who knows where.

Some think it could be her going around causing telepathic damage with the possibility they did a test run on her power on Raynor.

Cindy is quite capable of combusting people, but is she really responsible for this strategic courtroom attack? She didn’t harm Stormfront in the fracas, and that’s the supe who hurt her at the lab.

Maybe she’s doing it, but it’s likely to be someone with a similar power. Watch The Boys each Friday on Amazon.

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