The Chase fans convinced show is fixed after chaser Anne Hegerty is given 'easy' questions in tense final

Viewers were left outraged at the end of tonight's episode of the popular ITV quiz show as they suggested the 'Governess' had been given a helping hand.

In the final, contestants Sarah-Jane and Marjorie answered an impressive 18 questions correctly for chaser Anne to beat.

However, the quiz expert was soon well on her way to catching up with her own set of questions.

Before the clock was up, she had matched their total, meaning the pair would be taking home nothing.

Despite losing the £10,000 possible prize money, both women graciously accepted defeat.

However, those watching at home took to Twitter to suggest the questions had been made less challenging for Anne so she could catch up.

One wrote: "Why such easy questions for Anne? #TheChase"

Another commented: "The Chaser gets EASY questions at the end, im TELLING you!!!!"

A third shared: "I thought the questions for the team were much harder than for The chaser hence she answered within timeframe easily! The two remaining contestants were strong."

It comes as The Chase viewers were left in stitches yesterday over contestant Nathan's reaction to his team winning £11,000.

Fans of the popular ITV quiz show couldn't help but giggle at his hilarious response to realising he would be taking home just over £3,600 at the end of last night's episode.

After answering an impressive 24 questions correctly for chaser Jenny Ryan – also called 'The Vixen' – to catch up on, the timer buzzed, signalling that the team had won the prize money in their pot.

Nathan, upon realising he was now several thousand pounds richer, celebrated excitedly by jumping up and down and waving his arms in a particularly boisterous manner beside fellow contestants Jo and Glenda who hugged.

He then calmed down and, looking slightly embarrassed said: "I'm so sorry!"

Even host Bradley Walsh couldn't help but laugh.

Those watching at home took to Twitter to share their amusement at his delight.

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