The Chase’s Jenny Ryan savagely mocks young contestant for being ‘so posh he makes Prince Harry look poor’ – The Sun

THE Chase's Jenny Ryan mocked a young contestant on the show for being "so posh he makes Prince Harry look poor."

Milo, 20, appeared on the show to try and win some dosh to help fund his 21st birthday party alongside his best friend Ben.

Quiz master Jenny, known as The Vixen, savaged him on the ITV show, saying: "You're so posh you make Prince Harry look like he's from a council estate."

Milo, who was dressed smartly in a white shirt and plain jumper, explained to presenter Bradley how he wanted to travel the world and had just come back from visiting India.

He revealed that he can partially speak Russian and goes clay-pigeon shooting with his dad as a hobby.

Viewers were quick to post about Jenny's remarks on Twitter.

One fan said: "Milo seems a very cute posh-boy."

Another added: "Milo can't help being born posh as much as anybody can't help being born poor. It's the roll of the dice."

A third chimed: "Milo knows his posh hospitals, he was born in one. #TheChase."

Luckily for Milo, he made it back with £200 in the prize pot.

Jenny gained national recognition as one of the five chasers on the popular ITV game show The Chase.

She made her debut appearance on September 2015 and it was all thanks to fellow chaser Anne Hegerty, who recommended producers to hire her to be on the show.

Jenny 's nickname The Vixen, which is a reference to her red hair and the former ponytail she sported; and apparently producers like the name since “vixens are notoriously clever and cunning.”

She took part in last year's The X Factor: Celebrity, where she went on to finish fourth place.

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