The Duggar Family is Sure to Have This One Summer Food at All of Their BBQs!

Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the cookout season. The Duggar family is sure to have more than a few barbecues as the summer slowly rolls in. With a ton of hungry mouths to feed and an ever-expanding family, the Arkansas-based family has to get a little creative when it comes to food. There, however, is one food that is sure to be on the Duggar family’s grocery list for every single outdoor meal – pickles.

Pickles are everywhere for the Duggar family

The Duggar family is pickle obsessed. In fact, they love this food item so much that it is given as a Christmas gift to each Duggar still residing under the family’s roof. The Duggar kids also make their own pickles.

They’ve shared their quick pickling recipe more than a few times on the family’s blog. The family of 21 can go through 2 quarts of pickles in under 10 minutes. Several Duggar kids are tasked with creating the homebrew pickles for the family. Jason, however, appears to head most pickle projects. Either way, his method ensures the entire family can enjoy a round of homemade pickles in just a few hours.

Where did the pickle love come from?

The Duggar family has never explained exactly why the entire crew has chosen the sandwich accessory as their favorite snack. Some fans have surmised that some of the Duggar kids, specifically the older ones, have battled with food insecurity.

According to the sleuths at FreeJinger, Jill Duggar openly admits that she would swipe food and hide in the bathroom. Fans have also wondered if Josh’s weight gain following his marriage to Anna was somehow connected to the food shortage he may have dealt with as a child.

Before TLC came knocking and the family businesses took off, Jim Bob and Michelle were tasked with feeding an awful lot of young children without a ton of money to do it with. Some fans have wondered if the pickle love developed out of necessity rather than out of taste. Pickles are cheap, hearty, and an easy way to satisfy a hungry group quickly.

Jim Bob’s famous BBQ Tuna might be the most disastrous dishon the Duggar family’s menu

While the pickle might be a polarizing food, we think everyone can agree that the Duggar family recipe for Jim Bob’s BBQ tuna is perhaps the worst thing ever created. Jill Duggar has shared her father’s time-honored recipe with the blogosphere to the dismay of fans around the world.

So, what exactly is BBQ tuna? You won’t need a grill to make it, which might be the recipe’s only redeeming quality. Jim Bob once took a can of tuna fish, mixed it with BBQ sauce and served it up to a horde of hungry Duggar kids. In fact, it’s so beloved that Jill still whips it up for her own kids now and then, and she likely serves it with a side of pickles.

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