'The Goldbergs' Midseason Premiere Is Crossing Over with Adam Sandler's 'The Wedding Singer'

Series creator Adam F. Goldberg revealed the crossover via Twitter, which collides with the moment Sandler serenades Drew Barrymore on the plane.

"The Goldbergs" has been a love letter to the 1980s since its inception, and now it’s getting a crossover with one of the biggest love letters to the decade of excess ever: "The Wedding Singer."

How is this possible, you say? Through the magic of television, and the kismet that "Wedding Singer" star Adam Sandler is a producer on Adam F. Goldberg’s hit ABC sitcom. The show’s creator, who based the antics of the fictional family on his own, revealed the big news on Wednesday via Twitter.

"Thanks to our producer Adam Sandler, my 80s family actually meets the 80s most infamous WEDDING SINGER!" he wrote. "This is my favorite episode EVER."

The teaser for the midseason premiere — which you have to check out above — appropriately titled "The Wedding Singer," shows Barry (Troy Gentile) apparently flying on the same plane as Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in the famous scene from the 1998 film where Sandler serenades her in first class.

The Goldbergs, of course, are in coach.

The footage of Sandler and Barrymore is lifted directly from the film, but looks perfectly in place with the "Goldbergs" sensibilities. And suddenly, we find ourselves imagining endless possibilities. They’ve already brought in Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, so honestly, they’ve opened this door.

And while we would never condone a show leaning too far into its gimmicks — like the original "Will & Grace" and their celebrity guest stars — but how cool would it be for the Goldbergs to brush up against other classic ’80s pop culture moments.

The show is already barely fixed in reality, with the creators mixing and matching moments from across the decade however they want to suit their narrative. If it runs 20 years, it will still be the 1980s. The family will be stuck in the ’80s forever, so why not spend some time in some other iconic ’80s places.

There’s a great little basement bar in Boston that would be a great place to drop in for a drink, or maybe the kids could get detention with the bad boys and girls of "The Breakfast Club." How about a fantasy-dream romp through time with Bill & Ted or maybe getting entangled with the crazy mysteries of "Stranger Things."

Okay, yeah, we may have gotten a little carried away there, but we do hope this isn’t the first and last crossover of its kind as the idea just has so much fun potential.

Check out "The Wedding Singer" crossover episode when "The Goldbergs" returns from its winter hiatus Wednesday, January 9 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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