The Masked Singers Heather Small shares she had two identities on the show

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Heather Small became the first celebrity contestant to be unveiled and exit The Masked Singer after she was revealed as the Chandelier.

Heather, who was the lead singer of M People, spoke to Daily Star following her exit from the competition after she was unmasked and left the audience utterly gobsmacked.

Spilling on her decision to choose the Chandelier character, she said: "I chose Chandelier because I like the way it had the lights and lit up.”

“I wanted a costume that would restrict my usual movements and I would have to use my hands in a different way. With the structure of the outfit, I wanted to make it difficult for people to guess.

She continued: “It was easier to use Chandelier compared to something more form fitting because I may not have given myself away vocally but bodily and I didn't want to do it. I wanted to take on a whole new aspect of performing.”

Heather also spoke about how she kept her identity hidden throughout the show.

Despite being unable to reveal herself, she enjoyed the experience of being unknown, adding: “This is the most surreal part of it. No one knows who you are, a very select few know who you are.”

"I enjoyed the ‘hiding my identity’ bit because it helps keep you in character, bring out the character. Your identity is masked from the time you head towards the studio and before you leave you have to put on the balaclava and gloves and get in the car.”

"I wanted people to think I was a singer. I wasn't going to undo my reputation on the show.”

She revealed that the contestants have two names which made her ‘feel a little bit like a spy’.

Heather said: "You have more than one identity. I had the name Chandelier and another name, so it's an identity in an identity within an identity."

"The second name was like a code word. FBI and M15 have nothing on The Masked Singer!”

Considering her easily recognisable and iconic singing voice, Small had to go through a lot to disguise her identity on the show.

Despite this, someone very close to her had a sneaky suspicion and Heather revealed that her mum quizzed her on the similarities she saw on her screen.

Her mum said to Heather: “'Have you been on a TV show and had to hide your identity?’", as she chirped: "She's like a bloodhound.”

"I used to dispose of the costume which masked my identity going into the studio when I came home.

She asked me about four times if I was doing it but there was no fooling her, she likes the show and is happy I participated even though she guessed. She's happy that no one else did.”

When asked if she had any idea who the other contestants were, Heather said: “I have no clue because the costumes are so good."

"You do wonder how much of their personality they are bringing and how much they are leaving behind.”

“For example, Firework is a little firecracker but you think, ‘Have you chosen that because it's more in keeping with who you are or have you chosen it because you're more of an introvert?’"

"I picked the reverse because I am an extrovert on stage. It does make you think people have picked something linked to their personality or something far away."

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