The Nest: Emily Docherty’s dark secret ‘exposed’ after star drops huge hint

The Nest is the story of super-rich couple Dan Docherty (played by Martin Compston) and his wife Emily (Sophie Rundle) who are desperate to have a child. After trusting mysterious 18-year-old Kaya (Mirren Mack) to be their surrogate, it soon emerged there was much more to her past than they first realised. However, could it be Emily who is hiding a dark secret after one star of the show spoke out about what’s still-to-come?

The BBC drama kicked off last month and instantly gripped those watching at home as the emotional story has continued to draw them in.

The show sees two parties who look to transform their lives for the better and are both able to give each other what they need. 

Emily and Dan Docherty are one of the wealthiest couples in Glasgow but have one part of their life which they wish to change – having a child. 

Kaya is an 18-year-old who has been in care for the last few years and trying to make a future for herself. 


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Emily and Kaya met seemingly by chance and when the latter realised the couple’s dilemma, she stepped in and offered to be their surrogate. 

However, it soon became clear there was more to Kaya than met the eye and she struggled to cope with Emily’s obsessive behaviour over her. 

Kaya decided to go out and get drunk and contemplated keeping the child for herself before she realised just how much it meant to the couple. 

Things seemed to calm down but it didn’t last long as Dan got digging into her past after ambitious local journalist Eleanor (Katie Leung) spent time hovering around the businessman’s bar. 

She recognised Kaya from her home and Dan soon found out exactly what Eleanor was searching for after stealing her bag.  

The truth was staring Dan in the face and Kaya’s identity was finally exposed after he discovered she had killed someone when she was just 11-years-old. 

Last weekend’s instalment closed with Eleanor meeting Kaya’s mum Siobhan (Shirley Henderson) in her hometown and wanting to find out about her daughter. 

The teen stabbed a pregnant woman and her unborn child and it became clear Kaya has been using this as a shot at redemption for her devastating actions. 

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Dan revealed the truth to the rest of his family and Kaya’s life hung in the balance after she realised her secret was out.

She gave birth via c-section and the closing moments of last week’s episode saw her waking up but there are sure to be more complications. 

However, one area which is still yet to be addressed is Emily’s infertility, which was previously said to be due to “unexplained infertility,” but could there be more to this than meets the eye?

Although much has become clear about Kaya’s upbringing, little has been revealed about Dan and Emily’s past, with there still more twists to come. 


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Speaking exclusively to, Mirren, who plays Kaya, spoke out about what’s in-store in the intense finale episodes – could Emily be hiding something massive?

She said: “Over the next couple of episodes secrets of the past begin to emerge and come to light for a few characters, including Kaya, and I’ll be interested to hear what the audience make of it all! 

“Whilst playing Kaya I had to justify to myself every decision that she made throughout the story, whether I as Mirren agreed with them or not, and therefore I do think that she is redeemable, although some of her choices are dangerous and hurtful,” she added.

Could Emily be hiding a dark secret in a huge twist and will it have devastating consequences for her future? 

The Nest continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One. 

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