The real reason 90 Day Fiance’s Ariela is questioning Biniyam’s loyalty

Even amid new baby bliss, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Ariela is starting to question her relationship with Biniyam. Just two weeks after the couple welcomed baby Avi, Ariela isn’t certain her man will stay faithful to her now that he has taken on extra work to support their family.

During an episode of the hit TLC show, Biniyam’s sister Wish and family friend Artemis didn’t do much to put the new mother at ease. In fact, they reminded Ariela that the club Biniyam works at is “filled with beautiful people” and he even met his ex at the establishment, per TV Insider. “I like Wish, but we have kind of a tumultuous relationship,” Ariela said in a confessional interview. “Right now it seems like she’s messing with me and trying to make me jealous. I don’t know why she would do that … I’d have to be stupid about my boyfriend working around other women all the time.”

Late in the episode, Ariela’s parents came to Ethiopia to meet their new grandchild, but Biniyam didn’t do much to get in his in-law’s good graces. Keep scrolling for more details about the couple.

Tensions ran high as Ariela and Biniyam welcomed her parents

As Ariela and Biniyam prepared for the arrival of Ariela’s parents, the new mom seemed to be getting on her man’s nerves as she confronted him about his loyalty to her. After Ariela threatened to go through Biniyam’s phone and tell every woman in his contacts that he is in a relationship and a father, he said, “If I have to tell her everything, my love for Ari will go smaller,” in a confessional interview, per TV Insider.

Despite the arrival of Ariela’s parents in Ethiopia, Biniyam scurried off to work with disregard for Ariela and her parents’ feelings. “My parents just flew 24 hours to meet him and to meet our new family and now he’s just going to leave. I’m embarrassed. I think it makes him look like a jerk,” Ariela said to the camera. “It’s really important for my dad to like him … If things don’t go well this week, it will make me question my choices.” There is no telling what will happen with this 90 Day couple, but Ariela is clearly questioning Biniyam’s commitment to her.

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