The Tower’s Kieran Shaw star Emmett Scanlan opens up on ‘chaos’ on set

The Tower: ITV release trailer for new police drama series

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The Tower is airing on ITV this week and the three-part TV drama is full of intense twists and turns. The series follows a rookie police officer, Lizzie Adama (played by Tahirah Sharif), who is left traumatised after a tragic event. Emmett Scanlan plays her boss, DI Kieran Shaw, and he spoke to and other media about “chaos” on set.

The Tower is an upcoming psychological drama based on the book Post Mortem by Kate London.

The series opens with the deaths of a veteran police officer and a teenage Libyan refugee after they fell from a tower block in London.

Lizzie was one of the key witnesses – she and a five-year-old boy – yet she is unable to explain what happened.

She has a turbulent relationship with her boss, Kieran Shaw, who shows antagonistic traits.

Actor Scanlan opened up about his off-screen working relationship with Sharif and one of their ‘chaotic’ scenes.

Speaking to and other media he said: “One of my favourite scenes that I did was a scene with Tahirah.

“A seven-minute scene, beautifully written…and it was insane, the weather – we had all colours of that.

“In any one take, in any setup, there was gale force winds, scorching sun, sleet, rain, continuity, sound.

“In that chaos, there is magic that can be found as it takes you out of your thinking mind and puts you into whatever moment.

“That was great, we shot that all day. That was a long, long time.”

The series was filmed across Liverpool and Manchester, with locations including the picturesque Tatton Park.

Expanding on his relationship with Sharif, Scanlan praised the actress for being able to “put him at ease”.

He said: “We had such a laugh, the material is heavy and it’s visceral and it begs more questions than it gives answers, and rightly so.

“It’s very important that when you do this kind of material, it’s cathartic to have those laughs in between takes.

“When you’re not working it’s very important for the levity and bringing therapy to being on set.

“We laughed continuously and I fell for Tahirah straight away, she’s very fearless as an actress.

“And she made me – I think she thought I was a little bit intense, maybe she still does I’m not sure.

“She was great, she put me at ease because sometimes I can be like that, a little bit nervous.

“But she put me at ease and she’s magnificent.”

The episodes will be airing from Monday to Wednesday on ITV and will be available to watch afterwards on the ITV Hub.

The show’s producer Patrick Harbinson opened up about what Sharif brought to the role of Lizzie.

He said: “We were deep into casting before I realised something rather obvious about the character of Lizzie: there are two of her.

There’s the Lizzie ‘before the fall’, before the events at the tower – the young PC, working with her partner Hadley, loving the job, good at the job, dangerously attracted to her boss Kieran, basically loving life.

“And then there’s Lizzie ‘after the fall’, on the run, devastated by two deaths, consumed by fear and guilt and anger.

“We needed an actor who could capture those different women. Tahirah brought the lightness and humour – she has an amazing laugh… plus a bracing anger that surprised us all.”

The story was inspired by Kate London’s novel and the crime writer was a real police officer.

She joined the Metropolitan Police in 2006 and finished her career working as part of a Major Investigation Team in Homicide Command.

The Tower airs on ITV from Monday to Wednesday at 9pm.

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