The Tragic Death Of Jamie Dornan’s Famous Father

You might know Jamie Dornan best as the actor who took on the role of Christian Grey in the mid-aughts franchise Fifty Shades of Grey. Dornan became an instant sex symbol because the story just so happens to explore the bond between a mismatched couple that gets into some hardcore BDSM. Either way, Dornan became a huge star. 

Yet, while Fifty Shades of Grey might have catapulted him to fame, Dornan’s successful acting career seemed inevitable. Dornan’s father, Jim Dornan, a world-renowned doctor, reportedly also considered a career in film. He nabbed a few small roles in some films and TV shows and also appeared in some of Jamie’s projects later in life, per the Daily Mail. Jamie and his father were exceptionally close. Even though Jim was more at home in the operating room than the sound stage, Jamie still sought his advice for any role he took on, even those beyond the PG-13 rating. “My dad will always try to give me some tips or advice on every character I play whether it’s a serial killer or sexual dominant,” Jamie told the BBC, per the Irish Mirror.

Sadly, Jamie’s time with his dad was cut tragically short. News broke on March 15, 2021 that Jim had died, leaving behind Jamie, Jamie’s two siblings, a wife, and a host of grandkids. Here’s what we know.

Jamie Dornan's father was very sick

Jamie Dornan is no stranger to tragedy. The actor lost his mother to pancreatic cancer at age 16, per Hello! As for his father, Jim Dornan was also diagnosed with cancer in 2005, per the Daily Mail. That did not stop Jim, though. While his son might be a famous actor, Jim is famous in his own right for his tireless dedication to those in need. 

The Belfast native made a name for himself as a top-notch gynecologist and obstetrician who worked for the Belfast Trust for many years. When he wasn’t doing that or nabbing minor acting roles, Jim taught at Foetal Medicine at Queen’s University, per the Irish Mirror.

Though Jim had previously been diagnosed with cancer, he ultimately died after contracting COVID-19 at the age of 73, per the Daily Mail. At the time of publication, neither Jamie nor his wife Amelia Warner has spoken out about the loss, but many of Jim’s colleagues came forward to offer their condolences. “Hard to accept that someone with so much life, wit, and full of advice and laughter has left this world,” tweeted BBC correspondent Marie-Louise Connolly. “A true friend. Thoughts are with his family and medical friends around the world.” We, too, wish Jamie and his family peace as they mourn this terrible loss.

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