The Truth About The Laundry Guy’s Patric Richardson

Laundry. You either love it or hate it and “Laundry Guy” Patric Richardson is no doubt a laundry lover. Known for his enthusiasm for the chore, even writing his book, Laundry Love: Finding Joy in a Common Chore, plus his laundry camps held at his clothing boutique Mona Williams in Bloomington, Minnesota, it’s no surprise he’s about to have his own show on Discovery +. The Laundry Guy, set to start streaming on March 31, 2021, will follow Richardson “as he listens to clients’ meaningful stories behind irreplaceable pieces, from wedding dresses and baby blankets to stuffed animals and vintage coats, and then carefully restores the items to mint condition,” a description of the HGTV show reads. “The result is grateful clients who are overwhelmed with emotions that run the gamut from joyful relief to exuberant appreciation.”

But Richardson’s love for laundry goes much deeper. “I always say you do laundry for the people you love,” he told HGTV. “Laundry is a kind of love language. It’s a privilege that I get to wash these things for my clients.” Keep scrolling for more details about what you can expect to see on The Laundry Guy.

Patric Richardson is all about laundry and full of personality

Expert Patric Richardson’s love for laundry started in his childhood thanks to his mother and grandmother who were “meticulous” when it came to pressing his wardrobe. “Everything I wore was ironed and perfect,” Richardson told the Star Tribute in 2015. “So I guess I associate laundry with care.”

Taking the importance of presentation to heart, Richardson taught himself how to clean his clothes with dry cleaner quality but without the hassle or price tag. “Once I discovered I could wash everything, all bets were off,” he joked to the outlet, adding, “I said, ‘We’re going to Benetton.”

Noticing how “most people hate laundry because they don’t get good results,” he set out to educate others on how to enjoy each load of laundry since, “everything is more fun when you get good results.”

And while laundry isn’t the most likely of hobbies, Richardson is proud to boast about his skills. “So many people are closeted laundry lovers. And it’s hysterical because they hush their tone when they tell me,” he told The Wall Street Journal in March 2021, “I tell them, ‘Sweetie, you need to shout that loud and proud—there’s no reason to hide.'”

If you haven’t already guessed, Richardson is quite the jokester when it comes to talking about his quirky affection for laundry, even calling himself the “#PatronSaintofLaundry” in honor of “Saint Patric’s Day” (via Instagram). Sounds like he will make the perfect host for laundry lovers alike!

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