The untold truth of Bringing Up Bates’ Carlin Bates

The children of Bringing Up Bates are now bringing up children of their own, including Carlin Bates, the ninth child of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates. From Carlin’s graduation in May 2019 to becoming a mom in January 2020 to her daughter, Layla Rae Stewart, fans have watched the Tennessee resident grow up on TV. There has rarely been a life moment or topic that’s off-limits in this reality star’s journey.

Carlin, who is married to Evan Stewart, has been particularly transparent about the ups and downs of motherhood. She revealed in May 2020, for instance, that her new daughter has had breathing problems and “episodes of turning blue where she can’t catch her breath.” Carlin captioned a photo of little Layla holding her finger, “In some ways I feel like the hospital has become our 2nd home!” 

Despite these difficulties, it seems Carlin and Evan are happily settled into their new lives and are facing life’s hurdles together. However, things always weren’t so calm for Carlin — in fact, there is some drama from her past that many fans might not know.

Who did Carlin Bates date before Evan Stewart?

The Bates — similarly to the Duggars, who also have a TV show — are known for their conservative choices, especially where it concerns romance. It’s well-known that the families have strict dating rules before marriage, as well as strong religious beliefs that affect everything from the schools they attend to the careers they choose. 

But while courtship and marriage at a relatively young age is the norm for the family, that doesn’t mean people like Carlin are exempt from failed relationships and getting hurt. Still, some fans might be surprised to learn that Carlin got dumped by someone before getting hitched to Evan Stewart.

As Carlin revealed in a March 2020 YouTube video, she initially wasn’t drawn to Evan because she was “already dating someone else” at the time. The reality star never specified the person’s identity, but some fans highly suspect it was Joseph “Joe” Duggar, who, between 2015 and 2016, was often spotted spending time with the Bates at their home. The supposed romance would have occurred just before he got married to Kendra Caldwell 2017, per Showbiz CheatSheet

Of course, maybe Joe was seen at the Bates’ Teneesse home around that time because he was attending nearby Crown College. Or perhaps the two toyed with the idea of getting engaged before realizing they weren’t a good fit. 

Either way, it’s pretty juicy that Carlin might have dated one the Duggar brothers, especially since she’s BFFs with their sister, Joy-Anna Duggar.

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