'The Young and the Restless': Fans Think Billy Needs to Get Over His Adam Obsession

The Young and the Restless character Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) is a character fans have grown to dislike. The youngest Abbott sibling was once beloved, but his behavior in recent years has viewers turning against him. Billy’s ongoing rivalry with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) is a central part of the show. But many critics feel it’s time for it to end.

‘The Young and the Restless’ fans tired of Billy Abbott’s obsession

When it comes to town pariahs, Adam is don’t at the top of the list. Adam’s misdeeds have inflicted a lot of pain on others, including Billy. Although Adam’s trying to better himself and move on, Billy can’t let the past go.

Currently, Billy and Adam’s feud has once again reignited. Billy is making it his mission to take down Adam and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Billy’s recent actions are annoying fans, who feel Billy’s childish antics need to end.

On a Twitter thread, The Young and the Restless fans expressed their annoyance with Billy’s vendetta. “The storyline with Billy and his incessant need for revenge is really tiresome,” wrote one viewer. Another user chimed in with, “Billy is one dimensional because of his Adam obsession. He can go.”

Their feud started over Delia Abbott’s death

The Young and the Restless‘ never-ending feud started with the death of Billy’s daughter Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono). One night Billy was driving Delia home from a school recital when he stopped by the store. He left Delia and her dog Dash inside the car while he went into the market. When Delia let Dash out to go to the bathroom, the dog ran off, and she chased after him.

Around that time, Adam was driving down the road and swerved to miss Dash. Adam’s car ran into the bushes where Delia was hiding, but he was unaware of her presence. Delia later died of her injuries, and Adam later realized he was the driver who hit her.

After Billy learned the truth about Adam being Delia’s killer, his quest for revenge started. Billy tried to kill Adam twice, and his obsession led to his life spiraling out of control. His latest actions may once again do him more harm than good.

Will Billy Abbott lose everything?

Billy thinks he has the upper hand in the battle between Chance Com and Newman Media. Yet, dealing with masterminds like Adam and Victor, Billy’s in trouble. With the help of Jesse Gaines (Jamison James), Billy’s hoping to expose Ashland Locke’s (Richard Burgi) crimes and take down Newman Media.

However, The Young and the Restless fans know Billy’s not going to come out the winner in this battle. Adam and Victor always have an ace up their sleeve, and odds are Jesse’s secretly working for them. Billy’s putting his job and relationship with Lily Winter (Christel Khalil) at risk by going after Newman Media. If his plan backfires, he stands to lose everything.

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