They disappear GMB air empty chair as MPs refuse to speak to Susanna Reid and Adil Ray

GMB: Adil tempts Government Ministers with cheese and wine

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Good Morning Britain typically speaks to at least one MP each day, but on Wednesday no one had agreed to be interviewed on the ITV show. It comes as Sue Gray is set to submit her report into the findings of Boris Johnson’s alleged lockdown parties. Referencing this, Susanna Reid and Adil Ray mocked the government for avoiding questioning.

Adil stated: “This often happens when there’s a big news story around for the government, when they’ve got their backs to the wall.”

Susanna added: “And they need to answer questions.”

Her co-host continued: “And they need to answer questions, is that they disappear,” as Susanna agreed: “Yep.”

Adil went on to explain to viewers why a political interview may not be taking place.

He remarked: “So, we are hearing that we may not get a government minister this morning despite being a national breakfast show that has – it says something about our audience actually – that has a predominantly midlands and north-based audience as well.

“So the fact that the ministers are ignoring a big section of the UK this morning, I think, is very telling.”

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