This Morning viewers can't believe Phillip Schofield just interviewed a 'ghost' live on air

This Morning has had its fair share of bonkers moments, though today’s (October 31) Halloween special may have taken things a bit too far.

Today, the show brought back previous guest Amethyst who, if you remember, is trying for a baby with a ghost. Yes, really.

Well, there’s happy news as she is now engaged to her spirit lover, and he even ‘joined’ them on the This Morning sofa. Yep, there was a space and everything.

“The spirit I met in Australia, I don’t know much about his past, but it feels very ancient, very wise,” she explained.

Amethyst then revealed that he had asked her to marry him, and shocked the presenters by revealing that the ghost, named Ray, was on the sofa with them.

“Ray it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Phil then said to the space on the sofa, as the camera actually panned to place where ‘he’ was sat.

“What was it about Amy that made you fall in love?” the presenter then asked, leading to an awkward silence, before Amethyst then relayed that Ray had said that the “connection was very strong”.

New co-host Rochelle Humes was then stumped for words as she asked the guest how you meet a ghost in the first place.

“There’s ways you can do things to attract them to you and make them know you’re interested,” Amethyst answered.

Phil and Rochelle then mused that having ghost babies would be easy, with Rochelle joking: “The night fees would be brilliant!”

It’s safe to say viewers at home were confused as hell:

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