Tiffany Haddish Reveals the Best Thing About White People on 'Kimmel'

In a segment where she answers stupid questions like how she’d do in space, Haddish struggles for a moment to come up with anything good about white people.

Tiffany Haddish was put on the spot in a hard way by Jimmy Kimmel when he asked her what the best thing was about white people.

In his "3 Ridiculous Questions" segment, Kimmel portrayed a bartender with the "Girls Trip" star as his customer, and right away he hit her with a doozy she clearly wasn’t prepared for.

"What’s the best thing about white people?" he asked her.

"I mean, it depends on the person," Haddish said, stalling while she considered the gravity of the question. One does not simply answer such a deep and profound question without some consideration and forethought.

Finally, she was ready to reveal her thoughts. "Some white guys, they take they shirt off and I’m like, ‘Dang, you got translucent nipples. that’s crazy!’" she said.

It actually took her until the end of the segment to come up with her real answer to this stumper. In the meantime, she shared that she thought she’d thrive in space, so long as she was up there with a guy.

When pushed, she said, she’d name robot butler James, which Jimmy thought might be named after him. But it wasn’t, she just liked the name. And besides, "Your name is Jimmy," she told him.

She seemed genuinely stunned to learn Jimmy is a nickname for James. "Looks like somebody’s about to get they credit checked," she joked, looking at him with a new appreciation. Or was that hunger?

But then, in an epiphany, it hit her. "You know what else is really good about white people? Inheritances!" she shouted triumphantly, before pressing Kimmel if he had one coming.

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