'Tiger King': John Finlay Says His Life Is Much Better with His New Fiance Than Joe Exotic

When most people started watching Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, they had no idea about the craziness that the documentary exposes. Though most of the doc focuses on the toxic rivalry between Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado-Passage and Carole Baskin, Exotic’s love life was so untraditional that fans couldn’t help but be intrigued by it.

John Finlay was in a three-way marriage with Exotic and the late Travis Maldonado. Now, Exotic is in jail and Finlay has a new fiance.

Finlay and Joe Exotic’s relationship

Finlay got married to his two ex-husbands in 2014 when he was working at Exotic’s zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Later that year, he broke up with Exotic and left the zoo.

John Finlay’s new look

While filming for the documentary, Finlay was missing a number of teeth.

“The [Netflix documentary] made me look like a drugged-out hillbilly,” he told People. “But at the time I did that, I was five years clean. I am now six years clean.”

Besides his teeth, which he has gotten fixed, fans really made fun of Finlay’s “Privately Owned by Joe Exotic” tattoo.

“A lot of people are dissing the tattoo artist… because in the documentary they showed it not finished,” he said. “I’ve actually had it completely finished since then. It looks 100 times better than what it did and it will be revealed, but I don’t know when.”

What is Finlay doing now?

Finlay no longer works in the zoo and wildlife industry. Instead, he focuses on helping others get clean from addiction.

“It’s time to really think about the kids and my future and stuff and use this thing for something good not just to be, ‘Hey, I have a personal gain now. It’s all about me,’ ” he said. “It’s not all about me. It’s about other people too.”

In addition to his drug work, Finlay has been making Cameo videos for fans.

“I’m doing shoutouts to family members or friends or even nurses and firemen and all the frontline people,” he told Variety. “I’ve even done wedding shoutouts, anniversary shoutouts. They’ve all been fun. A lot of people want me to say something negative about Carole, but I’m not about that. I try not to put that out there.”

John Finlay’s new relationship

Now, Finlay is engaged to a woman named Stormey, who he claims has been good for him and helped build his self-esteem.

“My fiancée has been working on it,” he told the outlet. “I’ve had a better outlook on life with her. And she’s given me definitely a better life since we’ve been together.”

“I used to have a lot of pent-up negative thoughts and [a] bad aura about myself,” he continued. “I just quit thinking about the past and the negative stuff that’s happened to me, and now I’m engaged and we’re having a really good life.”

Finlay and Stormey had planned on getting married this summer but now with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic limiting gatherings, they have put their plans on ice.

“We’ve put things on hold because nobody would be able to travel or anything,” Finlay said. “So that date has yet to be set in stone yet.”

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