This Time Next Year viewers criticise the show's "odd" mix of achievements

Davina McCall’s televisual emotional rollercoaster This Time Next Year is no stranger to dishing out inspirational and heartwarming stories week-on-week, but they’re not always your stereotypical fairytale.

The second series of the show has seen a proposal, a couple welcome twins through IVF and on tonight’s (April 24) episode, a woman regain her hearing thanks to a cochlear implant.

However, some viewers at home were left feeling a little confused when the touching story of a father giving his daughter a kidney was followed by one about a woman looking for love.

“Anyone else think they’re running out of worthy achievements?” one person pondered on Twitter, while another said some of the stories shown ‘didn’t quite fit’.

After being clearly overwhelmed by Chris and Kitty’s story – which you’ll be pleased to hear ended in success – some viewers were then left cold by Cheryl’s quest for love on the dancefloor – which was also, thankfully, successful.

However, there is very good reason for a lighthearted journey or two sandwiched in the middle of the more objectively profound stuff – and that’s because crying for an hour isn’t very fun.

One viewer cleverly pointed out that the ITV series was obviously “consciously structured” so everyone didn’t spend the evening “sobbing for a straight hour”.

The real reason for celebrating Cheryl finding love or Minesh learning to dance is, as one person put it, because whether you’re finding a partner or learning to walk again, it’s still taken “a lot of time and commitment”.

And, y’know, who are we to diminish anyone’s achievements – no matter how big or small they might seem.

After all, we’re more than happy to give ourselves a pat on the back just for not eating chocolate for breakfast. Again.

This Time Next Year continues next Tuesday (May 1) on ITV at 8pm.

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