Tina Fey Makes Fans Cry During 'Tonight Show' Surprise, Then Jimmy Fallon Turns the Tables

Fallon takes a moment to tell Fey she’s one of the people who’s changed him “for the better.”

Jimmy Fallon had everyone watching — and himself — tearing up on Thursday after he surprised guest Tina Fey with a heartfelt message about how she’s inspired him.

But first, the "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" host and his former "SNL" co-star decided to shock a few of her biggest fans after a showing of "Mean Girls" on Broadway.

While hiding behind a poster for the show, a handful of Fey’s most passionate cheerleaders came up and spoke about how she has impacted them over the years thanks to her work in comedy. The accolades included messages like, "without your success there’s certain doors that would not be open," "you are such a strong empowering woman" and "you’re at the top of my funny list." One fan even revealed she wrote her college essay about Fey.

Just as each of them wrapped up their messages, she and Fallon popped up from behind the poster to reveal they’d been listening. There were tears to be had and even one fall to the ground, as Fey tripped while coming out to greet one fan.

But it wasn’t over with the pre-taped segment. After the show cut back to the studio, Fallon added, "Tina, one more person wants to deliver a heartfelt message to you."

He then got up, stood in front of the poster himself and said this emotional (and, of course, funny) message to his friend.

If you’re lucky throughout your life, you get to meet and spend time with a few people who change you for the better. I am that lucky and for me you’re one of those people. I met you when I was 23, I believe you were 45. And I was lucky enough to work with you and grow with you and learn from you.

A lot of people in this world have goals and dreams and ideas but not everyone goes out, fights to make them happen. You’re someone who did. I know first hand you worked so hard and found a voice and found your way and you made your own dreams come true and mostly importantly, even now you’re making other people feel like they can do the same thing and change the world.

Today, I’m 27 years old and I have two daughters and my hope for them is they’ll grow up to be leaders like you, they’ll be as fearless and confident in their strengths as you are. I love you.

Everybody now: awwwwwww!

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