Today host Al Roker crashes reporter wife Deborah Roberts’ live segment at rival show GMA – The Sun

TODAY Show host Al Rocker crashed his wife, reporter Deborah Roberts', live segment at rival show, Good Morning America.

The reporter was slightly embarrassed when her husband interrupted her talk with Robin Roberts.

The 59-year-old journalist had been reporting a story about helping kids with special needs stay focused as they attend therapy sessions over the computer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Her segment was interrupted by her 17-year-old son Nicholas – who has special needs as well – as he waved at Robin, before her 65-year-old husband popped up behind his wife, as well.

He remained unnoticed until Robin pointed out: "Wait a minute! We have an Al Rocker sighting as well. This is a first."

Deborah laughed it off and pushed them both out of the shot, saying "no" repeatedly.

She continued: "The family is sorta chaotic but it's been a fun time."

Al played off the incident on his Twitter account as he shared the funny clip.

He wrote: "Whoopsies!! The dangers of broadcasting live on Today Show and GMA from the same house."

Deborah also shared the video and wrote: "Never a dull moment working from home with two network household!"

The coronavirus has certainly made both of their work lives a little tougher as they both have to broadcast from their home at the same time.

Al and Deborah have been married since September 1995 and the couple has two children together: Leila and Nicholas.

The two have been in rival networks since the beginning of their relationship.

Al first joined NBC back in 1978 and Deborah joined ABC in 1995.

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