Todd Haynes to Direct Du Pont Family Drama ‘Dry Run’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Director Todd Haynes will take on one of America’s more famous families in his next film.

The “Carol” helmer is set to direct Participant Media’s “Dry Run,” a movie loosely based on the Du Ponts.

Participant and Mark Ruffalo are producing the pic from a script by Matthew Carnahan. Sources say Ruffalo is also considering starring in the film, but negotiations have yet to begin.

The family at the center of the story is expected to be modeled after the Du Ponts, historically one of America’s richest clans. E.I. du Pont moved to America in 1799 during the French Revolution and made his fortune as a gunpowder manufacturer, later expanding into dynamite, paints, plastics, dyes, and other materials. Some of his employees went on to invent nylon, Kevlar, and Teflon, leading to the family’s large fortune, which still totals in the billions today and is shared by more then 3,500 family members.

However, the most infamous moment in recent history for the family had nothing to do with their riches, but John E. du Pont’s involvement in the USA Wrestling program, which eventually led to his murder of gold medalist David Schultz in 1996. Coincidentally, Ruffalo played Schutlz in the critically acclaimed movie about the crime, “Foxcatcher.”

Haynes has spent most of his career developing his own projects and rarely meets for open directing assignments like this one. The history of the Du Ponts, however, holds similarities to some of the flawed characters Haynes has depicted in previous films like “Far From Heaven,” “Carol,” and the Bob Dylan drama “I’m Not There.”

Haynes most recently directed the Amazon Studios pic “Wonderstruck.” He is repped by CAA.


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