TOWIE’s Bobby is held back during furious row with Arg after ‘slating’ Gemma

Bobby Norris and James ‘Arg’ Argent are at the centre of a massive row in the next episode of TOWIE this weekend.

It seems that Bobby has been his gossipy self and has been saying some hilarious things to various people – about Gemma Collins,

The jokey remark Bobby made about The GC, it turns out, Arg has taken to heart and he is massively offended on his girlfriend’s behalf.

When Gemma explains Arg’s upset to Bobby, however, Bobby is absolutely furious and kick off angrily at Arg.

Soon things escalate, pretty quickly in fact, and Bobby is being held back by Dean to stop him from lashing out at Arg.

But what did Bobby say that has been causing so many problems?

Meanwhile, another fight is brewing between Jon Clark and Myles Barnett.

Jon’s already been in the spotlight after fighting with Chloe Sims about some disrespectful words he said in front of her last week.

Though Jon tries to make things better with Chloe S, it will be him and Myles going off on one, after Myles found out it was Jon who told the group about his indiscretions while dating Courtney.

Things get very heated, very quickly, and eventually Myles insists it’s actually him who knows the truth about Jon, rather than the other way round, in a frightening warning.

Jon then seeks some consolation later on with his brother, Chris.

Elsewhere, Shelby Tribble gets incredibly emotional as she knows her beau, Pete Wicks, is soon to be departing for a few weeks on a strange holiday.

Shelby is worried Pete is not committed to their relationship and fears they will break up if he loses interest while away.

She breaks down in tears in front of Clelia and then again with Pete, but Pete does his best to reassure her that his love for her is real.

Will Shelby believe it though?

Finally, Tommy Mallett and Georgia Kousoulou catch up with Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, who introduces them to their little boy Freddie-George.

Chloe S and Lauren Pope also meet up with Vas J Morgan, who’s back from his long holiday in LA.

TOWIE airs from 9pm on ITVBe on Sunday.

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