Trevor Noah Dives Into Trump's 'Origin Lie' and Why His Supporters Should Be Pissed About It

“If I was a Trump supporter, this new revelation would have me shook,” the late-night host says.

Trevor Noah knew Donald Trump was a liar, but was amazed Monday night to learn what he described as the president’s "origin lie" — telling Forbes he was worth $100 million in 1982 to make it on the magazine’s annual list of richest Americans while only actually being worth $5 million.

"Trump lies, it’s his nature. It’s like being mad at the Pillsbury Doughboy for not having a dick. It wasn’t his choice, that’s just how he rolls," the "Daily Show" host joked. "What was amazing, though, is that this weekend we also discovered Trump’s origin lie. This was a big thing for me: the bullshit foundation that he built his entire bullshit career on."

Noah’s used campaign clips of Trump bragging about being recognized by Forbes for his wealth to argue his con planted the seeds to win the presidential election. "Trump lied to get on the Forbes list, then the Forbes list cemented him as a mogul, and then he used his mogul status to get to the White House," Noah explained.

The Forbes reporter who included Trump in the issue decades ago has since gone on the record about the president lying about his wealth, and even released audio tapes of him speaking to Trump’s alleged spokesman, John Barron, who is clearly just Trump.

"It’s amazing to me even with all of the effort Trump put into getting onto the Forbes list, he still never thought of doing a different voice. He just changed his name," Noah said. "And knowing Trump, he probably put on a full costume with a hat, fake mustache, full prosthetic nose and then still used his own voice on the call. He’s like, ‘It’s me, John Barron, not Donald Trump. You can tell from my mustache and differnet nose."

Noah made the case that Trump supporters should feel betrayed by the president’s origin lie, although we’re going to go out on a limb and assume none of them will care.

"If I was a Trump supporter, this new revelation would have me shook," Noah said. "Because it turns out his entire origin story was fake. This would be like finding out that batman’s parents were never killed, they just moved to Florida."

The Comedy Central host said that if he was a supporter he would be pissed, due to the fact that they voted for a "If I was a Trump supporter, I would be so pissed. Like, ‘I voted for a rich guy who was always successful, not some trickster who lied his way onto the Forbes list. Like if I find out he’s not racist I’m going to be so mad.’"

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