Truth Seekers location: Where is Truth Seekers filmed? Where’s it set?

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Amazon Prime Video is going to be releasing Truth Seekers on October 30. The eight-part comedy-drama series has been created by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, inspired by their own ghost hunting jaunts. has everything you need to know about the series including the filming locations and settings as well as insight from the cast of Truth Seekers.

Where is Truth Seekers set?

Truth Seekers is set in the UK and follows Gus Roberts (played by Frost), a WiFi installation man by trade moonlighting as a paranormal investigator.

Gus works for network and broadband provider Smyle and when he’s not fixing internet issues, he’s on the hunt for all manner of spectral entities.

Alongside him is partner Elton John (Samson Kayo) and together the pair stumble across more ghosts in a matter of weeks.

However, there seem to be other sinister forces at work which pull Gus and Elton on an extraordinary adventure to save lives.

Joining them on their mission is Helen (Susan Wokoma) and Gus’ father-in-law Richard (Malcolm McDowell) as they find themselves encountering foes they could never have dreamed of.

The show will be set all around the UK, taking the action from Portland on the Dorset Coast to Bodmin in Cornwall.

There’s a brief trip to Coventry for a comic book convention, where sinister things are afoot as well as a trip to an old, abandoned hospital.

Richard and Gus’ home is also a key location where the pair spend some of their time, particularly the lonely pensioner.

Gus and Elton spend much of their time in Smyle’s company-issue van as they travel up and down the country.

Where is Truth Seekers filmed?

The show was filmed in various locations across Britain including at the iconic Ealing Studios in West London.

Speaking to media including, McDowell opened up on the filming locations but admitted most of the time his character was confined to the house.

The star said: “Nick went to most of the places, of course, where he was looking for all the paranormal stuff and all that.

“But the house – the interior – was built and we shot it at Ealing Studios. Ealing Studios where the great Ealing Comedies were made.

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“So that was kinda fun to have the vibe of Alec Guinness around the place and all those great character actors from the 40s, 50s, 60s, all that.

“So, that was all great. I really enjoyed that and working there.”

The finale is an impressive set-piece with an imposing location to match.

Speaking about shooting there, McDowell said: “A lot of the stuff, at the end of the thing, was shot in a disused Weetabix factory in Welwyn Garden City, how’s that for romance?

“That was pretty weird, that alone was ghostly. It was this huge, empty place. How much Weetabix could one possibly consume? I guess the truth is, an awful lot. It was sort of sad to see it had come and gone.

“It’s now empty and a lot of movies use it – I don’t know which ones, but they rent it a lot.”

Another location used was Brunel University’s campus in Uxbridge, which is famed for its concrete monstrosity, 60s brutalist architecture.

The university campus doubled up for the location of the Coventry convention which Gus, Elton, Richard and Helen attended.

Interestingly, the buildings were also used in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 cinematic masterpiece A Clockwork Orange which cemented McDowell’s star status.

The filming location doesn’t seem to be a coincidence as Pegg and Frost are pop culture aficionados and incorporate nods and glances to various classic films and television shows throughout their work.

For instance, in their first television series Spaced, they alluded heavily to One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest in one episode, while Hot Fuzz famously referenced 80s movie Point Break along with a multitude of other homages.

Truth Seekers even features a scene which nods to McDowell’s performance in A Clockwork Orange where Alex’s character is being rehabilitated using the Ludovico Technique.

The crew also appears to have gone to the Dorset Coast and down to Bodmin to shoot on location as part of Gus’ ghostly escapades.

Truth Seekers will be released on Amazon Prime Video on October 30

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