Ugh, the World Series Is Really Getting in the Way of My 'Masked Singer' Habit

Wednesday nights are the most important part of the week thanks to one reason and one reason only. The delightfully insane and clearly cursed singing competition commonly known as The Masked Singer is on! And truly, who wouldn’t want to spend an entire hour hiding behind a pillow and watching B-list celebrities sing off-key while wearing terrifying masks? Like, I’m sorry to Picasso but THIS IS THE ONLY ART THAT MATTERS:

^ Attn: @ Metropolitan Museum of Art, please frame this.

Anyway, you may have noticed that it’s currently Wednesday and The Masked Singer is nowhere to be found on your TV line-up. But don’t fret: this beloved show hasn’t been canceled. It’s simply dormant, lurking in the shadows, ready to rise like an undead zombie until freakin’ baseball season is over.

Obviously, The Masked Singer is the only sporting event that matters. That, at the very least, is something we can all agree on in these trying times. But from what I understand, FOX has their priorities mixed up and so they have inexplicably decided to air Game 7 of the World Series tonight instead of our favorite show.

Catch up on the first four episodes of Season 2 NOW! #TheMaskedSinger returns Wednesdays at 8/7c after the World Series.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the World Series is over after Game 7, which means the other World Series (aka The Masked Singer) should be able to take back its rightful place in your Wednesday night line-up shortly.

I know that getting through this evening without your best buds the Tree and the Penguin must be hard, so here, enjoy these haunting gifs of some old friends that definitely won’t step out of your computer/phone screen and try to kill you. It’s fine!

And while we all wait for next Wednesday, please get acquainted with the best theories the internet has to offer about which celebrities are lurking behind the Ladybug, the Butterfly, the Rottweiler, the Tree, the Penguin, the Flamingo, the Leopard, the Fox, the Flower, and the Black Widow. Scared!

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