‘Under Boris Brexit WILL happen’ Piers Morgan hits out at Alastair Campbell tactical vote

Alistair Campbell was invited into the Good Morning Britain studio this morning to discuss the latest in politics which included Brexit, the General Election and Donald Trump’s NATO visit. But it wasn’t long before he clashed with Piers Morgan over suggestions Campbell was encouraging tactical voting to install Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party firmly in Downing Street.

Morgan started this morning’s interview by telling Campell: “Your a Labour die hard man. All I see you doing is tactically voting all over the place.

He went on: “Your heart is not in Labour anymore. It’s a weird election with a lot of Labour people voting Tory and a lot of Tory people voting Labour.”

Campbell bit back: “I don’t feel I have changed, I still feel I’m Labour even though I’ve been kicked out of the party.

“That’s why I have been going out to Wokingham and Esher and Walton constituency, there are people who say they want to vote Labour to get rid of the Tories, but that won’t happen in places like that,” the guest added.

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Morgan bit back: “You’re not a Corbynite – you don’t want [Jeremy] Corbyn running this country!

“What we are finding now is that a lot of die hard Labour voters will be voting Consevative.”

Campbell admitted: “I don’t think Labour are going to win a majority, I’ve been all over the country.”

Morgan questioned: “Is Boris [Johnson] a worse option than Jeremy Corbyn?” Campbell agreed saying “I think he is.”

Campbell then admitted: “It has been the most joyless, miserable election I have ever been involved in.”

Campbell fought: “The Brexit deal and what follows actually hasn’t been debated. Johnson just does a slogan and Corbyn doesn’t want to talk about anything at all.”

Morgan fought back: “Johnson’s slogan is to honour the result – wait – what will get done is the Brexit process begins and has a finite end. 

Campell went back: “What gets done is the withdrawal agreement.” 

Morgan kept pushing: “You want to stop it happening though don’t you? You want to stop Brexit. Don’t you, you want to stop Brexit happening?” And Campbell simply replied: “Yes.”

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Viewers weren’t exactly welcoming to Campbell on the morning show and took to Twitter to comment.

One viewer said: “This is not Debating this is who’s got a loudest voice and can Shout down the other person, if we are going to debate let’s do it proper please.”

A second said: “Piers is right tho.. Alistair and all other politicians can’t accept the Referendum result and they wanna stop it from happening!”

And a third said: “#AlistairCampbell talking about democracy. ..do me a favour ..the British people took a DEMOCRATIC vote and decided to leave the EU …people like him didn’t respect that part of democracy. .as they have continued to thwart any attempts to leave …”


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The chat quickly moved on to petty insults and plans of a boxing match between the two men for charity.

Campbell said: “Piers, this is like talking to a child.”

Morgan agreed sarcastically that ‘yes it was’ like talking to a child.

Reid butted in and said: “There is only one way to sort this,” to which Campbell mocked: “Yes. A fight.”

Good Morning Britain continues on ITV tomorrow morning at 6am.

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