Unforgotten recap: What happened in series 1, 2 and 3?

UNFORGOTTEN has returned for a fourth series.

So in case you've forgotten what happened up until this point, here's a recap.

Warning – spoilers!

What happened in Unforgotten series 1?

Series 1 started back in 2015.

A skeleton is found in a demolished house and Cassie and Sunny are put on the case.

After finding the diary of a teenager who vanished in the 70s, called Jimmy Sullivan, the skeleton is identified to be his.

There are four suspects: Eric, who is wheel-chair bound and worked at Jimmy's hostel, Father Rob who was a chaplin at the hostel, Frankie C who used to torture people who owed an East End gang money (Jimmy owed them £50) and Lizzie who has a racist past but now helps disadvantage young people (she stole Jimmy's money).

Eventually Eric is charged with murdering Jimmy after another corpse, this time of a gay man, is found in his garden.

It turned out that Eric is a closeted gay man and Claire's wife had murdered his past lovers – Eric then helped to bury the bodies to avoid her arrest.

What happened in Unforgotten series 2?

In 2017 the series returned – this time to look into the remains of a Tory party fundraiser, David Walker.

He disappeared in 1989 and his remains were found in a suitcase in south east London.

It emerges that David was sexually abused as a child and at first it's believed he died after a confrontation with his abuser.

Later it's discovered that David was a paedophile who would attack children – children who later on met in a psychiatric ward and vowed to kill each other's abusers. One of the abusers was David.

In an effort to protect the now-adults who killed each other's abusers, Cassie and Sunny decide to not press charges.

Meanwhile Cassie and Sunny are both single and trying to date with little success.

What happened in Unforgotten series 3?

This time the detectives are on the hunt for a serial killer and rapist who murdered schoolgirl Hayley Reid.

Four friends renting a holiday home at the time and location of her murder are suspected.

Of the friends, one is murdered when Cassie accidentally leaves his file in a cafe, meaning her job is on the line.

It's discovered the GP Dr Time Finch of the group is guilty – this is figured out after finding a speeding ticket he got soon after the murder and items belonging to another murdered girl being found in his home.

He confesses to killing Hayley and Cassie struggles to deal with the news.

She takes a sabbatical and decides to focus on her relationship with DCI Bentley.

What will happen in Unforgotten series 4?

Cassie wants to retire but can't unless she wants to sacrifice her full pension.

So she returns to work with Sunny, who is investigating a headless body that's found frozen rock solid.

The fourth series will focus on finding who is behind the murder.

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