‘This Is Us’ Season 3 Photos of Young Jack & Rebecca Tease The Pearsons’ First Date

The early days of the ‘This Is Us’ lovebirds will be shown early in the third season.

This Is Us fans are putting together the puzzle pieces as cast and crew members share glimpses of the show’s Season 3 production. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia have both shared snaps that hint at big scenes for young Jack and Rebecca (circa 1972-ish), and fans think that includes an episode about the couple’s first date.

Moore’s social media has been a valuable source for This Is Us spoilers. The actress revealed that her work on her first Season 3 episode is in the can, and she included a photo that many fans think could be from a scene about Jack and Rebecca Pearson’s first date. In the photo, Moore’s character is wearing her signature ’70s beret while a clean-shaven Jack (Ventimiglia) sits next to her at what appears to be a nighttime fair or carnival. It may not be as romantic as the time Jack rented out Rebecca’s old apartment and filled it with candles and twinkle lights for a surprise date night, but then again, what is?

Whatever their first date was, it was an all-nighter. Roxy Olin, the daughter of This Is Us executive producer Ken Olin, who also works on the set of the show, tweeted the photo of Moore and Ventimiglia with the caption, “Well we stayed out all night but who wouldn’t to be with Jack and Rebecca.”

This Is Us fans know little about Jack and Rebecca’s early days as a couple. In the first season finale, they both skipped out on their blind dates, then ended up at the bar where Rebecca was performing a singing gig. This turned out to be the same bar Jack was about to rob. Luckily, his future wife’s rendition of Cat Stevens’ “Moonshadow” left him mesmerized enough to ditch the robbery plan.

Moore told Entertainment Weekly that there are plans in Season 3 to “examine a lot more of Jack and Rebecca’s origin story.” This Is Us Creator Dan Fogelman confirmed that Jack and Rebecca’s early romance will play out early in the new season.

“Our first episode back is our past storyline, which is basically the first date, the first night following their meeting that Jack and Rebecca ever have together,” Fogelman told Variety.We’re really into early, early Jack and Rebecca incarnations, origin story, and then we’re doing stuff with Vietnam.”

Now, with Moore’s new photo and Ventimiglia’s previous photo of a young Jack sitting in the front seat of a retro car (seen above), the show’s fans will soon learn a lot more about ’70s Jack and Rebecca.

This Is Us Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, September 25, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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