Vanderpump Rules’ Jax motorboats stripper and brags he’ll dump Brittany for a dancer at boozy bachelor bash – The Sun

VANDERPUMP Rules' Jax Taylor motorboated a busty stripper's chest and said he would leave his fiance for one of the strippers during last night's episode, before lying to her about it.

The 40-year-old reality TV star was celebrating his bachelor party at a strip club in Miami when a topless stripper showed up and sat on his lap.

Last night's episode of Vanderpump Rules included a sneak peek of Jax and Brittany Cartwright's bachelor and bachelorette parties in Miami.

The girls dressed up as brides and went club-hopping before ending up in tears at Brittany's hotel room.

After a club had pulled a joke on Brittany with a banner that said 'Don't do it, Brittany', she was convinced that the club didn't want her to marry the love of her life.

But, unlike the girls, the guys seemed to have a lot of fun.

Jax, along with the rest of the Vanderpump guys, went straight to a strip club where half-naked girls immediately crowded around them.

And although fans didn't get to see everything that went down at the strip club, Jax told Brittany a different version of what really happened the next morning.

Seemingly hungover, he told her he simply couldn't get into the scene. But the flashback scenes proved otherwise.

Jax told his bride-to-be: "We went to the strip club last night. I felt so awkward. I could not get into it."

The scene jumped to Jax motorboating a topless stripper, while holding her by the waist.

He then said: "I was the only one of the guys who didn't have a girl next to me."

When in reality, he had another topless stripper on his lap who had her legs spread over her head, while another one pressed her bare body to the back of his head.

He continued: "Every time one of them would approach me, I was just like 'Ew!'"

The clip then cut to him saying: "I'm going to leave Brittany for one of these girls tonight."

Brittany, having been burned one too many times, didn't buy it and said: "That's what every guy who goes to a strip club says."

Brittany and Jax have had a pretty rocky relationship before getting engaged.

Fans of the show have seen them go to therapy several times to work on Brittany's lack of trust in Jax after he cheated on her.

They also worked through Jax's short temper and tendency to take his anger out on the Southern belle.

Jax cheated on Brittany in 2017 after two years of being together.

He admitted during a very tense scene he had cheated on her with Faith Stowers while the two had been going through a rough patch.

There were even questions whether he had cheated on her more than once. Jax had also admitted he had cheated on previous relationships as well.

The couple recently tied the knot in real life and fans will get to watch their wedding this season.

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