Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent loves her ‘new face’ after plastic surgery makeover

VANDERPUMP Rules star Lala Kent admitted she loves her 'new face' as she reflected on her plastic surgery makeover.

The Bravo star, 30, has been open about her cosmetic procedures over the past two years and her latest comments come as she rewatched season 4 of her series.

Lala thanked her plastic surgeon, Dr. Diamond, for her current look as she took to her Instagram Stories while reminiscing about her appearance over the weekend.

She said: "I will say, though, I thoroughly enjoy my new face that Dr. Diamond has provided to me.

"I love my jaw, I love my little chin, I love my lips. That’s how you can tell these days if it’s a throwback show, because everybody’s walking around like this.

"Ye old little thin lips. Now we’re all like cluck, cluck, cluck. Little duck lips, it’'s so funny."

The reality star appeared in disbelief over her "little baby face" and added that rewatching the 2015 series has allowed her to realise how far she's come.

She continued: "Yeah, I’m plugging right along and dude, I have such a little baby face.

"Like, I look back on this and I’m like, I was just so trying to figure out life in LA being on a television show, you know? I was like, little baby Lala."

Yet, Lala joked that she hasn't completely changed and she's "still as vulgar" as her younger self.

"The only thing that’s really changed," she said. "I've absolutely matured, I'm definitely still as vulgar. But I was f***ing gangster in this. I was like, nonchalant."

Recently, Lala, who was forced to postpone her wedding in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic, got candid with followers about her plastic surgery upkeep during a similar Instagram post last month.

In the clip, she told her fiancé Randall Emmett, 49: "Can I tell you what I’m really pissed about, Rand?

"The quarantine is preventing me from getting the injections I need to keep this face. I need Dr. Diamond! Dr. Diamond, my jawline is fading quickly and these wrinkles are getting deep."

Speaking with Bravo in 2018, Lala admitted she's pretty much had her whole face altered, but felt she may have gone too far.

She told host Andy Cohen: "I'm not the type of person that's going to walk out and say 'I've had nothing done'.

"I will say this last time I may have overdid it. I want to stop with the lips, I want to stop with the fillers, enough is enough."

"I have Botox [points to forehead], I've had filler in my cheekbones, filler in the chin, filler in the jaw and my lips – so pretty much my whole face except my nose."

At the time, Lala confessed there were still a few areas she'd still like to continuing enhancing.

"I think the only place I'd go back to is my jaw because my genetics are horrible with jawlines and Botox because I like to scrawl at people a lot," she shared.

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