#VanderpumpRules Couple Rob & Scheana Broke Up Soon After Season 6 Wrapped

Fans were surprised, based on Scheana’s demeanor on the show.

On Vanderpump Rules Season 6, Scheana led fans to believe that she might be getting married for the second time on the show as soon as her divorce from Michael Shay came through. But soon after the season wrapped, Rob Parks Valletta broke things off. Scheana might not have seen it coming, but fans watching Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules did, as Scheana came on way too strong all season. Scheana would talk about getting married and naming children, and Rob would glaze over.

But now that the Vanderpump Rules reunion is airing, fans get to hear Scheana’s version of why things ended, says Bustle. Scheana says that both she and Rob are so busy that the timing isn’t right for a relationship, but watching Vanderpump Rules Season 6, it was clear that Scheana was ready to make the leap. Scheana constantly sang Rob’s praises. Rob was handy and helpful around the house; Rob had money; Rob wouldn’t cheat on her; Rob owned more than one home; and Scheana had clearly put all of her eggs in the Rob Parks Valletta basket.

But while Scheana was gushing about Rob, Rob wasn’t gushing about Scheana. In fact, Rob confided in Jax of all people that saying “I love you” meant something to him, and he was uncomfortable with the way Scheana threw the words around.

Even before the Vanderpump Rules season started showing the implosion of the relationship, Scheana couldn’t hide the breakup and she issued a statement in concert with Rob that the two had called it quits.

“Because of work commitments, Scheana and Rob felt it best to hit pause on their relationship for now. They’re still very involved in each other’s lives and remain optimistic about their future.”

Scheana later gave hints in interviews that she was having a harder time with the breakup than Rob was with the ending of their relationship.

“We will always love and respect each other and support each other. We’ve not spoken as much, because it just became a little too hard for me to remain such close friends with someone who at the time I was still in love with.”

On the Vanderpump Rules reunion teaser, Scheana finally shares that Rob told her he waited until the season was finished shooting to break things off with her. Scheana says that watching the show, she saw the moment when Rob “pulled away” as being just after the rumors surfaced that he had kissed someone else.

But fans of Vanderpump Rules know that Scheana will find someone else, and she will share on the VPR reunion that she actually has a new boyfriend, and his name is Rob.

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