How 'The View' Reacted to Khloe Kardashian-Tristan Thompson Cheating Affair

See which one of them said, “You lose them how you catch them.”

The ladies of "The View" agreed that if they were Khloe Kardashian, they would not have let Tristan Thompson into the delivery room, but opinions clashed after that.

While most of the women took issue with Tristan himself, Sunny Hostin didn’t cut Khloe much slack either.

The host jumped the karma bandwagon and apologized for her "Debbie Downer" attitude in advance, citing her mom’s (and basically half of social media’s) theory that "You lose them how you catch them."

"I’m such a traditionalist … and when she got with him, another girlfriend was three months pregnant, so no real commitment there," Hostin said. "They’re not married — not to say having a baby out of wedlock is a bad thing, there are single mothers all over the world. There’s no commitment and I think she knew what she got, that’s how she got him."

"I personally would not let him in the delivery room, but I think this is a different situation because they’re not married and he has another child with another woman and she met him when the other woman was 3 months pregnant," she added.

Both Joy Behar and Meghan McCain argued there was still an expectation of commitment, with McCain pointing out that Khloe even "moved to Cleveland for [Thompson]." "That’s not a commitment," Hostin whipped back. "I want papers, I want a marriage."

"I’m sorry, that’s old-fashioned thinking," Behar snapped right back. "When you’re in a committed relationship with someone, you don’t need the paper. I did it for 30-some odd years. Okay, they called me a slut. So what."

Joy then pointed to McCain, saying she felt the host would "Bobbitt-ize” — the unofficial term for hacking off a man’s genitals — her husband, Ben Domenech, if he pulled a Thompson. McCain didn’t exactly deny it.

"If I were pregnant and I saw the videos — and there’s numerous ones — of him motor-boating a woman, making out with people and going into a Four Seasons…" McCain said, as Hostin asked for a definition of "motor-boating". "The point is … start running Ben, because my cousins, it would be so bad. I’m from Arizona, we’re old school. I would not forgive, not forget and I’d lawyer up."

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