Warner Bros could be planning another Batman movie reboot without Ben Affleck

2018 has been a strangely quiet year for Warner Bros’ DC movies. There have been lots of rumours but few announcements and no movies so far – and we’re still waiting for the trailer for this winter’s Aquaman.

Now a new shake-up in the DC Films division has led to the revival of those long-running rumours that Ben Affleck will step down as Batman – and that Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie will reboot the Dark Knight again.

Deadline reports that Reeves’ movie – unofficially known as The Batman – will be the start of another solo franchise, presumably akin to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. It adds that Affleck will “likely” be replaced by a new actor.

The changes at the company include Geoff Johns stepping down as DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer, although he will continue to work at DC Films and will write and produce the Green Lantern Corps movie.

Johns is a long-time writer at DC, and is credited with turning the flagging Green Lantern comics into one of the company’s biggest properties (well, at least until the Ryan Reynolds movie came along).

Warner’s DC movie plans are a bit of a mystery at the moment. Reported films include a standalone Joker movie, a Jared Leto-starring Joker movie, a Harley Quinn and Joker movie, as well as Batgirl, Birds of Prey and a Blackhawk project from Steven Spielberg.

While Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam! are moving ahead, The Batman is still lacking a release date or many concrete details – including its star!

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