WATCH: Mama Medium's Jennie Marie Conducts Emotional Reading for Woman in Semi-Vegetative State

Jennie Marie is doing what she does best: providing a sense of healing with her gifts.

In an exclusive clip from Monday’s episode of TLC’s Mama Medium, the empathic psychic medium visits a woman by the name of Esmerelda, a mother of three who suffered a massive heart attack and several strokes after going into the hospital for a simple procedure, leaving her in a semi-vegetative state.

As they gather around Esmerelda’s bedside, Jennie Marie reads the mother — and all three children are shocked immediately.

“When Jennie walked in, automatically right off the bat, she just started saying things that my mom would say,” Esmerelda’s daughter says. “The whole experience was emotional and I feel like everything she had to say was completely accurate.”

“She said ‘Don’t stop praying,’” Jennie Marie says of Esmerelda.

“That’s a message for my dad directly, guarantee it,” one of her son’s says. “I worry about him so much.”

“I hear singing,” continues Jennie Marie. “Does your dad sing to her?”

As the children begin to tear up, the daughter says, “When my dad sings to her she gets so emotional. She puckers her lips for him she gets so excited.”

As Esmerelda begins to get visibly upset, Jennie Marie says, “When she cries, I cry.”

The new show, which premiered last week, follows Jennie Marie Cancelmi, who has the ability to talk to the dead and bridge the gap for people who are desperate to communicate with their loved ones.

Whether they’ve transitioned to the afterlife or suffered a life-altering incident, the episodes showcase the Mama Medium star’s conversations, including a mother whose young child died unexpectedly, a family who lost a father in a plane crash and a heart transplant patient.

Mama Medium airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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