Wendy Williams Fat-Shames Kanye West and Says He Shouldn't Be 'Alone With the Children'

“You look worse than Rob on Rob’s worst day,” she says on Thursday’s episode, effectively body-shaming Kanye’s brother-in-law, too.

Wendy Williams went harder than ever on Kanye West Thursday morning, diving into his Twitter behavior and appearance right at the top of her show.

Despite saying she finds the whole situation "very boring," she proceeded to rail on the rapper for the first 9 minutes of her show, criticizing his weight and wife Kim Kardashian for standing by him.

"I thought I was going to be able to avoid talking about him today because we’ve talked about him so much, but I think the verdict is in: he’s lost his mind," she began. "What more to say?"

So much more.

"I find his rants and his tweeting and behavior very boring. I really wish he would get help," she continued. "When I say lose your mind, I’m not talking about how we all lose our minds at some particular point. I’m talking about 5150." That comment was met with laughs from the studio audience.

She then showed a recent photo of West wearing a MAGA hat, but it wasn’t the hat that caught her eye.

"Now look honey, this is not just the usual weight. Look, he’s got the fatty knock knees, which run in my family, so welcome to the club," she said, before pulling out a pointer to pick apart his body. "He needs a breast reduction. His belly is … ew, just slovenly. You look worse than Rob [Kardashian] on Rob’s worst day. Forget the idea that he’s wearing the Make America Great Again, we all want America to be great again, I’m talking about the neck down. What a mess."

"This is the picture that keeps on giving," she said later in the show. "You never even knew he had the body to get that big all over like that. At least Rob gained his in the belly and the booty. [Kanye] blew up like a woman. You know how hard you have to eat to get the this as a man?"

Williams also reacted to Kim Kardashian calling out anyone who said her husband had "mental health" issues. "Mental health is no joke and the media needs to stop spitting that out so casually. Bottom line," she tweeted.

"We didn’t label him, he labeled himself. What are you talking about?!" said Wendy. "She loves him, she’s sticking by him … ok, uh huh, has someone taken away his driver’s license?"

"Do you trust that behind the wheel? I wouldn’t let him be alone with the children, I wouldn’t let him drive in the car with the children unless someone else was driving," she added.

Williams then said that West is surrounded by enablers and has "nobody in his world to pull him back."

"Look, I’ve been around long enough to know sometimes the people around you would rather see you dumb, so they can use you for everything they can get for you and then leave you on the side of the street," she said in conclusion. "There’s a fine line between artistry and insanity, he’s to me crossed the line. He’s in danger. Danger, Will Robinson, I’m done."

We’ll see how "done" she is tomorrow.

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