What in the 'Westworld' Happened Last Night? 7 Theories, Questions and Answers After That Ghost Nation Episode

One of the most powerful episodes finally answers some of our biggest questions.

"Westworld" isn’t easy to follow sometimes. We’ll be the first to admit it. If you don’t pay attention, it’ll really piss you off and you’ll have to rewind, because it feels like you’ve missed the whole episode if you’ve been distracted for a minute.

Episode 8 followed that trend, except almost all of it wasn’t in English. So, it was a good thing that it was one of the best episodes of the show yet, and entirely gripping so you wouldn’t have had an opportunity to look away.

Plus we can finally put some of the Ghost Nation theories to rest.


Rescued by the One Person We Didn’t Mention

The Man in Black (Ed Harris) got himself capped a bunch of times in the last episode, honestly to a point where he should have died immediately, but he somehow dragged himself to a river — where he was promptly rescued by the Ghost Nation.

Not just any member, though: the founder, and someone who has been on his own journey of awakening longer than anyone else.

Akecheta, in line with the theory on that the Ghost Nation was there to protect humans, saved Ol’ Willy — but we find out later on that it’s just because he wanted to "hurt him."

It still doesn’t go against the theory that the GN is programmed to protect humans, but…

…They Aren’t, Really

It turns out that the Ghost Nation is just a bunch of sentient robots that don’t like killing humans.

Maybe it’s a remnant of their earlier programming (that host’s can’t harm guests) but it’s got the added interesting flair of Akecheta thinking they might help him find the door to the other worlds.

Yeah, they’re not killing humans, but it’s pretty far from the idea that they had a directive outside of what the other hosts had installed, due to some programming plot point.

Did Maeve Die?

We’re willing to bet Maeve (Thandie Newton) didn’t, but we’ll be damned if that wasn’t a great send-off for her — when it was revealed that Akecheta was talking to her through her own daughter like some sort of bizarre internet chatroom.

He promised to look after her daughter. He explained himself and why she needn’t be afraid of him, despite her memories. He filled her in on basically everything.

Our guess is that Sizemore (not Tom) will find his inner robot (metaphorically speaking) and finally take action in rescuing her somehow. Even if that means finding the tech that decided to not go with him when he finally called for help. It might even be a looooong process in recovering Maeve, something that might spill over into the next season if they want.

How Many Members Does the Ghost Nation Have?

Akecheta has been waking up robots for a long, long time. All on his own, without much help from anyone. And once he gained his own sentience, he didn’t lose his shit and start murdering people like Maeve and Dolores did — both with their own reasons, we suppose.

How many members are there in the Ghost Nation, and are some of them non-tribe members? Were any cowboy hosts recruited and shown the maze?

Are they a sizeable enough force to go up against two other factions: the humans and the Deathbringer (AKA Dolores?)?

It didn’t look like many in the camp, but we’d be up for a twist that he had hundreds of followers somehow!

Is Akecheta the Only One to Find Himself Without Help Over the Years?

Up until this episode, it really did seem like a bunch of robots were just gaining sentience all at the same time, without much connection to each other. For example, is it a coincidence that Maeve and Dolores are going through the same wake up at the same time?

We learned that Akecheta has straight up been awake for around 30 YEARS.

Are you telling us that not one other robot stumbled upon all the mazes he was carving into rocks and stuff? Sure, it would feel less impactful if they revealed another ‘bot had been awake for like 12 years or something, but we suppose that’s not out of the question anymore!

Can Akecheta Go Full-On Maeve on Other Robots?

Talking to Maeve through her daughter was interesting, because we’re not entirely sure who made that connection. If we’re to believe it was Maeve — which some of the dialogue seems to suggest — why can’t Akecheta do the same thing after many more years of sentience and practice? Is it because Maeve boosted her stats artificially?

Or can Akecheta do it too, but chooses not to?

We’re asking because: if he can’t, we’re not sure he’d be able to find his lost love in the storage fridge when he woke up after he died. He would’ve just had to wander aimlessly until he stumbled upon her, all while avoiding detection, and doing so in an amount of time where he could get back before the end of his "four-hour update."

And another thing: was he updating that whole time? Or did the techs come back and realize it hadn’t started (because he walked away from the tablet) and then had to sit there for another four hours?


We were gonna make this a joke and hit you with a "Westworld is on Mars," but we’ve been thinking about the conundrum of the hosts trying to get out of the park and into the real world. If they waltz out, they’ll be stopped by security (no matter how inept). If they upload out and into the satellite/cloud, they’d be without bodies.

But hold on. We know that Delos is watching and copying guest DNA, right? And we’re pretty sure they mean to replace the real guests with controllable robot versions of the guests out in the real world, right? Important and powerful people. Rich people.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe the "upload the hosts to the satellite" theory works because those guests’ body copies are ready to go, already out in the world waiting for an upload.

Now that’s a Season 3 we’d watch!

Until next week!

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