What DWTS execs really think about fan backlash over Tyra Banks' hosting mishaps and 'bizarre' fashions

DANCING With the Stars viewers haven’t held back while slamming Tyra Banks’ hosting mishaps and “bizarre” fashions.

However, a source exclusively told The Sun that the show’s execs aren’t concerned with the backlash.

ABC network bosses have no plans to fire the current host even though ratings are in "a concerning spot"' and some fans are unhappy.

In fact, bosses are "happy'" that Tyra’s actions are "generating talk about the show" given that the series has "started so flat.”

The insider, who works with PR and marketing teams at ABC including DWTS, said that fans may be commenting on the 47-year-old host’s actions and odd presenting style, but they "are standing firm.”


The source said: 'Tom Bergeron is certainly not returning next week!" 

Tom, 66, previously hosted DWTS since the show’s premiere in 2005, though was fired and replaced with the America’s Next Top Model star last season.

While the show’s bosses are happy with Tyra, executives are still concerned with the show’s low ratings.

The executives allegedly blame the less than stellar ratings on "the stars not quite generating the same buzz as in the past.”


The source said: “Sure headline makers are in there and the same sex couple too, but it just hasn't as yet captured the public's imagination.

“Sometimes these things take time and other times the contestants do not resonate or connect to audiences.

“They are in the process of working through that.”

The informant continued: "While Olivia Jade, Matt James, Amanda Kloots and JoJo Siwa were thought to generate coverage and interest the reaction has been a little tepid.

“To be honest Tyra is the one making the headlines. – good or bad – and that at least means that the show is in people's minds.

“No-one wants negative coverage, but there is confidence that she can turn it around."

The season 30 premiere- which aired two weeks ago- lost one in three viewers from the previous season.

The insider added: "Tyra is the EP, not just the host.

“It is her image and her business on the line and she is ploughing her time and efforts into turning things around."

The Sun has reached out to DWTS reps for comment, but has not heard back.


Ever since Tyra's debut as host last season, DWTS viewers haven't been kind to the model.

Most recently, fans slammed Tyra for wearing a Britney Spears-inspired costumes during an episode dedicated to the 39-year-old singer.

While taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "Sorry but Tyra has got to go.

"This has nothing to do with her stylist – she trips & stumbles on her words, she yells, she uses 'yeah baby' all the time, she interrupts, and she really thinks she is the star of the show."

Another said: "I love, love, love Dancing but am still recording so I can fast forward."


Outside of her elaborate outfits, others have slammed Tyra for asking boring questions and making a frequent habit of messing up the script.

Throughout season 29, Tyra received heavy criticism from fans as they slammed her for "not preparing" for the role.

Additionally, viewers called her an "epic failure" as ratings have continued to decline.

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