What’s on TV: Friday, May 3

Instant Noodles Diary

SBS Food, 8.30pm

Instant noodles are the definitive modern fast food of Asia, and this cheery, slurp-happy series travels across the region to document their ubiquitous presence. Made with a true believer's enthusiasm – instant noodles are "three minute heaven" – the first episode focuses on Japan, where the packaged dish was invented by Momofuku Ando in 1958 as part of the country's reconstruction in the wake of World War II. Instant noodle cafes, conferences and the odd place that doesn't culturally translate so easily are visited, complete with animated information. However, you may be thrown by the disconnect between the jolly commentary and the lack of an actual host: obviously not everything can be produced in three minutes.

The first episode of Instant Noodles Diary focuses on Japan, the birthplace of instant noodles.

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