What's on TV tonight? Shows to watch on Wednesday 30 May from The Big Crash Diet Experiment to The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs

The Big Crash Diet Experiment, 8pm, BBC One

Diets made up of soups and shakes are the black sheep of the health world.

They’ve long been thought to be dangerous and counterproductive, but Dr Javid Abdelmoneim explains that new studies show, if conducted safely, they could be helpful.

He hosts an experiment that takes four people who desperately want to lose weight – diabetic priest Paul, mum Tracy, takeaway addict Rebecca and binge-eating Yolanda (right) – on a journey through nine weeks of eating 800 calories a day.

As you’d expect, things get emotional but the results are, at least initially, very impressive.

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs, 9pm, BBC One

This week, Chris van Tulleken (left) focuses on antidepressants when he meets some of the 58,000 under-18s who take them, including 15-year-old Jess, who is suicidal and self harms.

He gives her an alternative therapy route, but is it successful? Intense primetime TV.

Love In The Countryside, 9pm, BBC Two

We don’t mind admitting we’ve fallen head over heels for Yorkshire dairy farmer Pete (left) and we’ve been rooting for him and the sweet Helen (right) to make a go of things from the start.

Tonight, they’re taking their relationship up a notch with a holiday to France for a spot of snorkelling, but will their partnership sink or swim?

24 Hours In A&E, 9pm, Channel 4

The patients come thick and fast into a jam-packed St George’s Hospital in London tonight.

Tony (below) has been brought in by air ambulance after he and his father were both injured in a motorbike crash, while 12-year-old Harry is sporting leg injuries after he was involved in a bike pile-up at his local velodrome.

Let’s hope it doesn’t put paid to his chances of becoming the next Sir Bradley Wiggins…

GPs: Behind Closed Doors, 8pm, Channel 5

It’s our final visit to Horfield Health Centre in Bristol this series, Dr Jane Edge (above) has more than a case of the sniffles to contend with.

Former jailbird George has returned to his bad habits and is back on drugs. Not only that, but it’s making him paranoid and his body is covered in a rash…

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