Who are Ellie and Izzie from Gogglebox? The Warner sisters from Leeds who star on the Channel 4 show

The outspoken duo have been likened to Marmite… But love them or hate them, viewers can't seem to get enough.

Who are the Warner sisters?

Blonde Ellie and her younger sister, red-headed mum Izzi, are from Leeds.

While Ellie still lives at home, where the Gogglebox scenes are filmed, Izzi has her own flat — and says she doesn't like her sister showing up unannounced.

Though they're pretty close, Izzi thinks Ellie is disorganised, while Ellie thinks her sister is too bossy.

The pair love nothing more than watching telly, though they were recently knocking back cocktails on a joint holiday to Mallorca.

Ellie has been asked out by a few male viewers on Twitter who've fallen for her charms on telly but she's yet to respond to any of them.

Why are Gogglebox viewers angry at them?

The gobby duo caused major Gogglebox controversy last month after making a "disgusting" joke about the United Airlines passenger David Dao, who was dragged off his flight due to overcrowding and knocked unconscious.

Ellie summed up David's ordeal by saying: “Oh my god. That would make an amazing Snapchat story."

“That would be straight on my story,” Izzi agreed. “What caption would you do?… 'When they tell you no booze left on the flight'?”

Seeing as Dao had been assaulted, viewers were amazed the pair's joke made the final cut of the show, with one Twitter user writing: "What is wrong with those girls?"

What else have they done on the show?

Many Gogglebox viewers find the duo hilarious but they're often labelled "fake" due to their often ridiculous banter.

Back in 2015, they were mocked by viewers after Izzi compared a scene from the screen adaptation of novel Lady Chatterly's lover to "something out of a book" — and Ellie said a dog from Dogs Might Fly looked like Leonardo Dicaprio.

On Twitter at the time, some viewers suggested they should be appearing on Towie rather than Googlebox.

When and how did they land their Gogglebox gig?

The girls first showed up on the Channel 4 show in 2015, and were amazed they'd been picked.

Ellie and Izzi bagged the job after being approached by an old friend who was casting for the show.

After originally saying no, the pair agreed to audition before bagging the gig.

Ellie said at the time: "We thought ‘Who’d want to watch us?’ and then we got picked and couldn’t believe it!"

They claimed at the time that Gogglebox was their fave TV show and one of the only ones Izzi ever tuned into.

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