Who is Bake Off 2020 finalist Peter?

SCOTTISH student Peter is through to the Great British Bake Off 2020 finals.

The wholesome young baker will go head-to-head one with Dave and Laura for the last time in a bid to win the competition.

Who is Bake Off star Peter?

Peter Sawkins is one of this year's Bake Off contestants and he's been a big fan of the show for a long time – he's never missed an episode!

Outside of baking, he is studying for an accounting and finance degree.

He grew up eating his mum's home cooking, but aged just 12 – when Bake Off began in 2010 – he was so inspired by the show he began baking himself.

Peter is also a keen badminton player.

How has Peter done on the show?

First impressions were glowing for Peter, who was crowned Star Baker in the first episode of the series.

His showstopper with a face sculpted to look like Edinburgh Olympian Sir Chris Hoy impressed the judges in what proved to be one of the hardest showstopper challenges Bake Off has ever run.

Peter was named Star Baker for the second time in the semi-finals after impressing the judges.

He even won a Hollywood handshake in the signature bake for his elderflower babas.

He's particularly strong on gluten-free baking as his older brother has an intolerance.

Peter made viewers chuckle after copying series three winner John Whaite’s technique of “listening” to his cakes to check if they're cooked to perfection.

Peter also achieved the near-impossible, by winning two technical challenges in a row with his perfectly formed eclairs and matcha crêpe cake in Japanese week.

Although he has a few underwhelming performances – namely in bread week – Peter has been a consistently good performer throughout the competition and has won over viewers with his innocent and cheery personality.

How old is Peter?

Peter is 20 years old, making him this year's youngest contestant.

He's been baking as a hobby for eight years.

Where is Peter from?

Peter is from Edinburgh, Scotland.

His Scottish background informs his recipes as he tries to incorporate traditional Scottish ingredients where he can.

You can see some of these bakes on his Instagram @peter_bakes.

What has Peter said about being on Bake Off?

Peter spoke to The Sun about his Bake Off experience.

He revealed: “I came well prepared with toiletries, but I did have to order some more clothes to wear in the last couple of weeks.

“I didn’t have too much trouble adapting to life in a swanky hotel with all my meals cooked for me.

"It felt rather luxurious to be living like this for seven weeks.”

Peter knows his strong-points, saying: “My strengths are time management and planning.”

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