Who is Courtney Green? Towie star who is Myles Barnett's girlfriend and best friends with Chloe Meadows

Here's everything you need to know about the reality TV star…

Who is Courtney Green?

Courtney Green, 22, is a reality TV star.

She joined the cast of Towie for series 17, making her first appearance alongside best friend Chloe Meadows.

Before Towie she worked as a Junior PA.

She is popular on social media with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and 130,000 on Twitter.

When did Courtney Green start dating Myles Barnett?

Courtney had been dating co-star Myles Barnett for a couple of months before officially going out on the show.

She asked out Myles on International Women’s Day – but unfortunately, it majorly backfired.

Courtney texted Myles to tell him she was taking him out to dinner and had a surprise for him when he arrived.

Holding out a teddy bear with the words Be Mine written on it, Courtney made it clear she wanted to date Myles exclusively.

There then followed a painfully long pause and Myles asked: “You’re actually asking me out?”

Explaining her approach, Courtney said: "Yeah, well, my mum said to me that when she was my age obviously my dad asked her out and I thought ‘I’m not like everyone else’".

He then effectively rejected her and made all viewers cringe on the sofas.

But a week later he asked her to be his girlfriend… just before accusing her of being a "psycho".

Chloe Meadows has had the mother of all fall outs with Myles over the way he's treated Courtney and his reluctance to move in with her.

What happened between Courtney Green and Megan McKenna?

In the series finale of Towie 2017, Courtney broke down in tears after failing to patch up Megan and Chloe's friendhsip

Megan had insisted her friendship with ex-BFF Chloe was over for good and slammed her for "playing the victim" and using her for "storylines".

Courtney tried to be the peacemaker saying, “It’s time to move on with your friendship.” '

But Megan wasn't having any of it and said: "“I want to be civil but we will never, ever have what we have. I thought we were building bridges but obviously not.”

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