Who is Izzy on Too Hot To Handle?

TOO Hot To Handle is back on Netflix for another steamy season.

Meet contestant Izzy from Cheltenham, the personal trainer who is not afraid to break to rules.

Who is Izzy on Too Hot to Handle?

Izzy Fairthorne is one of the new hot singletons joining season three of Too Hot To Handle.

She is a 22-year-old personal trainer from Cheltenham, UK.

Apart from being a PT, sporty Izzy is also a keen hockey player, having represented Wales.

Izzy is also a social media influencer and currently pursuing a career in modelling.

The beauty is a rule breaker and would often get in trouble for sneaking off to meet boys while she was in boarding school.

Netflix says: "This PT from Cheltenham loves embracing single life.



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"Sporty Izzy plays guys like she plays the hockey field and is competitive on and off the pitch.

"With her eye on the prize she makes it her mission to get what she wants and who she wants."

What has Izzy said about appearing on Too Hot To Handle?

Izzy is a self-proclaimed heartbreaker, saying she has dated a lot of guys but never had a boyfriend.

The beauty has admitted she is a player and likes "giving boys a taste of their own medicine" when it comes to dating.

She said: "I'm a player on the hockey field and a player in the bedroom."

According to Netflix, her dating life is a "rollercoaster with a new man added to her rosta every week".

The 22-year-old has joined the show to win the prize.

She says: "I am a winner.

"There is no time for losing around here, ever."

What is Izzy's Instagram handle?

The Brit has garnered a following of 15,000 on her personal Instagram page.

You can follow her on Instagram @Izfairr

The star also has a fitness account called HIFitness, which highlights the work she does with clients.

Izzy provides personalised weight loss plans for her customers and does online coaching.

She shows her followers how to properly train and shares tips on working out and staying healthy during the holidays.

On the page, she also shows off her clients' body transformations achieved with the help of her coaching.

When is Too Hot To Handle on TV and how can I watch it?

Season three of Too Hot To Handle drops on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

All episodes will be available to stream straight away on Netflix.

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