Who is Kym Marsh dating and who are her exes?

THE ups and downs of Kym Marsh's lovelife have been well documented in the headlines.

But the actress at last seems happy with her current boyfriend, after previously being married twice.

Who is Kym Marsh dating right now?

Kym is currently in a relationship with Army Major Scott Ratcliff.

The pair have been dating since June 2018.

As he is in the army he is required to go on tour, something which Kym has found difficult in the past.

In October 2019 she told The Sun: "There is always anxiety, it is always stressful when he goes away. There may not be an actual war threat currently but there's always a risk when you're in these dangerous places."

Who are Kym Marsh's exes?

Dan Hooper – engaged from 2014 to 2015

Kym started dating personal trainer Dan in April 2014.

After a whirlwind romance they were engaged by the December that same year.

However, just five months later they split in May 2015.

Oliver Mellor – dated in 2013

Kym dated her Corrie co-star Oliver Mellor in 2013.

After they split he told the Mirror: "We planned a future together.

"We loved each other and we weren’t afraid to say it.

"It wasn’t something we intended to happen, but we couldn’t stop our feelings."

Oliver has been happily married to lingerie model Rhian Sugden since 2018.

Jamie Lomas – married from 2012 to 2014

Kym and Hollyoaks star Jamie started dating in 2009

In 2010 the couple were thrilled when Kym fell pregnant – but at just 21 weeks she went into labour because of a condition that meant her body was rejecting the baby.

Sadly baby Archie died just minutes after being born.

The couple then had happier news when they welcomed a daughter named Polly into the world in March 2011.

They married in September 2012 but were divorced by 2014.

Jack Ryder – married from 2002 to 2009

The actress first met Jack in a BBC canteen when she was appearing on Top of the Pops in 2001 and he was starring as Jamie Mitchell in EastEnders.

The couple married at St. Albans parish church, Hertford, in August 2002 and sold the pictures to OK magazine for a reported £300,000.

It was announced in March 2008 that the couple had decided to separate in and was looking to divorce.

The couple announced their divorce in August 2009.

Dave Cunliffe – engaged from 1994 to 1999

Kym met Dave Cunliffe, a builder and the father of her children – David and Emily – in a karaoke pub in her home town in 1994.

They went on to get engaged.

They eventually split up in 1999, just a year after Emily was born.

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