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CHRISLEY Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley was set to marry her fiance Nic Kerdiles in May, but the wedding was postponed after they "both realized that things moved way too fast."

In a sneak preview of the show's upcoming season, Savannah is seen telling her brother Chase that she has called off the wedding.

Who is Savannah Chrisley?

Savannah is the 22-year-old daughter of Todd Chrisley, a self-made millionaire who stars in the USA Network reality series Chrisley Knows Best.

The reality television star and former beauty pageant titleholder chopped off all her hair during the season 8 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best.

Savannah was supposed to get married in may to her NHL player fiance, but the wedding has been called off.

She previously dated NBA player Luke Kennard and country singer Blair Hanks.

The Chrisley family has had a crazy year – which has included allegations of tax evasion, wire fraud and blackmail over a sex tape.

Back in April, Todd, the 51-year-old dad-of-five, announced he had contracted the coronavirus – which came as Todd and his wife Julie were battling fraud charges.

Todd and Julie turned themselves in to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on August 14, 2019 – one day after being hit with a 12-count indictment that spanned nine years.

The indictment, obtained by PEOPLE, alleged that the Chrisleys participated in tax evasion, wire fraud and conspiracy bank fraud.

The Chrisleys also allegedly submitted false documents to banks when applying for loans, including fabricated bank statements listing inflated account balances, personal financial statements containing false information about available funds, false invoices, and false audit paperwork.

They were cleared of the state tax evasion charges in October but still face federal charges for allegedly evading federal taxes in the same years.

Who is Nic Kerdiles?

Nic Kerdiles is a former professional ice hockey player and the now ex-fiance of Savannah Chrisley.

According to Nic's Twitter account, the 26-year-old is a Global Real Estate Consultant/REALTOR® in Nashville, an entrepreneur, and a former NHL player.

When did they get engaged?

Nic proposed to Savannah on December 24, 2018 after over a year of dating.

The pair met through the social media app Instagram and started dating in November 2017.

In January 2019, Savannah revealed how they met.

She wrote to Instagram: "So many of y’all are asking how we met so here it goes: I was scrolling through Instagram one day and then went over to the activity page and a girl I follow liked one of his pics and I was like “ohhhh dangggg….who’s that!”

"I then proceeded to take my shot and send him a message. Thankfully he responded and then it was history lol! The End."

When are they getting married?

Savannah was supposed to get marry the professional athlete on May 9, 2020.

However, it was later revealed that Savannah and Nic chose to postpone their wedding.

Speaking on a new podcast episode for Chrisley Confessions in June, Savannah gave some insight on the postponement.

She said: “We both realized that things moved way too fast and we needed to go back to dating."

Her dad Todd's reaction first like "a manager," which quickly transitioned to "dad mode," Savannah said.

Despite the Savannah and Nic's personal reasons to postpone their wedding, the coronavirus pandemic would have ultimately called for their event to be rescheduled.

In an interview with PEOPLE this week, Savannah revealed she and Nic would "of course" be having a wedding sometime in the future.

She explained: "There's no rush for a wedding. You don't need a wedding or a marriage to define a relationship.

"Obviously, I do want a wedding and when that time comes it's going to be super amazing and exciting.

"But Nic and I are focusing on being the best for ourselves and each other."

However, a date for their future wedding is unknown.

What did Savannah tell her brother?

In a season preview, Savannah is seen drinking coffee with her brother Chase and opening up about her feelings.

"Nick and I have decided to call the wedding off," Savannah nervously told Chase.

As she continues to explain, Savannah clarifies that she and her fiancé decided they needed to "take a couple steps back."

"Things just moved way too fast," the reality star said.

Savannah explained that things changed when they were together after making it work long distance between his base in San Diego, California, and hers in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Like, we started dating, it was long distance. So, obviously, when we saw each other it was gonna be nothing but the good stuff. It was easy," she said, admitting that the pair had recently been fighting.

"We just suck at communicating with one another," she said. "That's what it comes down to. So, then it always leads to an argument."

She clarified: "I love Nic and I care about Nic," but when questioned by Chase whether she was "in love" with Nic, she said she needed to figure that out.

"I'm honestly so confused right now. I thought that I wanted this wedding but I can't ignore where things are with Nic and I right now," she told him.

What is Chrisley Knows Best?

Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 premiered Thursday, July 9 at 9/8c on USA Network.

The show is about real-estate mogul Toff Chrisley and his wealthy family.

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