Why Harrison Ford Decided to Return for 'Indiana Jones 5': 'We'll See Part of His History Resolved'

When Indiana Jones was released in 1981, we are sure no one expected it to be around and releasing the fifth movie 40 years later. However, we have arrived at just this scenario. Another impressive feat is that it will be directed by Steven Spielberg and the cast will include Harrison Ford.

Both men were there for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones, and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The latter was released in May 2008, which left many years for people to speculate whether a fifth would ever come.

Luckily, we have our answer! 

‘Indiana Jones 5’: a movie that was years in the making

The fifth and most likely final, Indiana Jones adventure is expected to be released in July 2022. After so long, many fans have given up hope. 

There are rumors that an Indiana Jones 5 would be forthcoming even years before Disney acquired Lucasfilm Ltd. In 2012. However, it was first announced publicly in 2016. However, there have been many delays that slowed down its actual production, including a shoulder stunt injury that happened during a rehearsal.

Other rumors also included that Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper may assume the role of Indiana Jones, but Ford silenced those rumors early on by confirming that he would be the only Indiana Jones, even going so far as to say, “When I’m gone, he’s gone.”

Bringing ‘Indiana Jones’ back to life

The fifth movie in this series of action-adventure movies has been a long time in the coming, but the timing had to be right for it. Recently, Ford told BBC:

“I’ve always thought there was an opportunity to do another, but I didn’t want to do it without Steven Spielberg, and I didn’t want to do it without a really good script, and happily we’re working on both. Steven is developing a script now that I think we’re going to be very happy with.”

It has also been said that he wanted to have it be more like the Marvel movies so that they could be in a position to kill it. Therefore, there have been scripting issues, scheduling conflicts, and other issues that have slowed things down, but ultimately this Indiana Jones adventure promises to be the best one yet.

No one knows much about what is coming from part five. However, it has been hinted at that, “We’ll see part of his history resolved.” This could be very promising of all the good things that are coming in this 2022 film. 

The best is yet to come for Ford as ‘Indiana Jones’

Currently, Ford is 79 years old, which to some seems a little old for Indiana Jones. Spielberg says that age doesn’t matter, and Ford has said he is fitter now than he was in his younger years. Though this may be true, there are still possible action shots that may require the use of a younger stuntman. There are also hints that a Fountain of Youth may be discovered along the way, but this is not confirmed.

The truth is, Ford puts a lot of effort into staying in good shape, especially during his time filming and rehearsing the new Indiana Jones movie. Reportedly, he cycles up to 40 miles each day, along with taking long walks, eating energy-boosting supplement bars.

The cast and crew do most of the filming at night. It makes sleep something that is hard to come by, but most locals near Bamburgh Castle say that he is working out by 11 most mornings. The Castle is located approximately 50 miles north of Newcastle, so if you live in that vicinity, you should keep your eyes out for Ford cycling by. 

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