Who will die in Holby City? 7 possible candidates as the show prepares to kill off a character

Holby City actress Rosie Marcel recently revealed that show bosses will be killing off a main character on the show ‘fairly soon’. Uh oh. Of course, she wasn’t able to reveal any more than that, and everyone else on the show has also remained incredibly secretive about who this poor staff member at Holby will be.

However, that didn’t stop fans of the show from speculating and we’re always happy to join in too, so here are seven characters who may have a work meeting with the Grim Reaper coming up very soon.

1. Jac Naylor

After being shot in the back and suffering incredibly with her injuries since, Jac recently signed up for Gaskell’s infamous (and risky) medical trial, believing it to be her only chance of being free of pain and getting her old life back.

But of course, this is Gaskell’s trial we’re talking about – the one that hasn’t always ended well for the patients involved. Whether she’s fully aware of the extent of her situation or not, we can’t help but fear that Jac is in pretty big danger as a result. The question is, will she be able to beat the odds and be one of the lucky patients that stay alive?

Rosie recently spoke to Inside Soap about the upcoming death on the show and warned that “there really is no fear when it comes to doing stuff like killing off a main character”. “Who knows what will happen to Jac?” she added.

So maybe we will actually be saying goodbye to one of the show’s most long-running favourites after all…

2. Essie Di Lucca

After Holby City‘s summer trailer was released, many fans worried that Essie might be marked for this upcoming death, too. However, the surgery to treat her ovarian cancer has so far been a big success.

Essie has recovered well and been discharged, even though she’s since hung around the hospital to help fellow patient Julie, who’s also having cancer treatment.

But does this mean she’s in the clear? She has been through enough tragedy lately, what with her husband recently dying, finding out her grandfather was a Nazi and now being diagnosed with cancer and having treatment that means she’s unable to have children of her own.

It would be nice if Essie was able to move past this and find some happiness, whether it includes continuing to work at the hospital or not. But really, who knows what’ll happen next?

3. Sacha Levy

We’ve seen poor Sacha struggling recently, what with the object of his affections turning him down gently, his trial being under investigation and later being pulled completely. Plus, his daughter has been too busy to spend time with him, even when he’d booked her spa treatments as a surprise.

There’s also the fact that Essie has been recovering from surgery to treat her ovarian cancer. We’ve seen him put on a brave, happy face for everyone – including Essie when he comes to visit her. But Essie, noticing what he’s trying to do and how much he’s really hurting, urged him to talk to someone.

One shock fan theory recently doing the rounds on Twitter has seen fans speculate whether Sacha’s current storyline could end in suicide for the long-standing character. Although there’s every chance viewers could be way off the mark with this one, it wouldn’t be the first time that fans have rumbled a huge storyline well in advance. Could Sacha ignore Essie’s advice and continue to suffer in silence?

4. Dominic Copeland

Dom has finally found the happy relationship that he deserves after recently getting engaged to Lofty, but Holby City doesn’t exactly have the best track record where weddings are concerned. You only have to think back to Ollie and Zosia’s wedding, which was a complete and utter disaster on multiple levels. But then again, that was also when Dom and Lofty finally got together, so will their wedding be a similar – yet more deadly – disaster that brings their relationship to a close in a strange full-circle?

We hope not, as it’d be nice to have something positive amid the misery that this major death will undoubtedly bring, and a wedding would be an interesting contrast to a funeral. And anyway, Dom has been through enough already, so he deserves a happy wedding day. But that brings us onto the next character…

5. Ben “Lofty” Chiltern

As the other half of the ‘Dofty’ pairing, Lofty could also be in the running for a possible exit. He’s set to be tying the knot with Dom very soon, and if Holby do decide that a wedding is the perfect setting for a character to die, then one of the grooms will (quite literally) be up front and centre, meaning that poor Lofty is also in the firing line.

Things are going well for both Lofty and actor Lee Mead recently. Lee has been celebrating ten years in showbiz with a new tour, but does that mean Lofty will be hanging up his scrubs for good?

Luckily, Lee Mead has expressed on various occasions how much he enjoys working on Holby, so here’s hoping he’s safe, too. (It’d be nice to break the pattern and have happy wedding for a happy couple, let’s be honest.)

6. John Gaskell

Will Gaskell’s errors, lies and frequent manipulation get the better of him and lead to a grisly end? Arguably since he’s the newest character on this list, there’s less of a chance he’s the ‘major’ character that’s being referred to. Then again, Gaskell is something of a villain and there’d be something quite satisfying in a man like Gaskell, who’s killed people in his pursuit of cheating death, not being able to escape it himself before his trial succeeds.

What’s that saying about letting your work get on top of you? Maybe everything finally catches up with him…

7. No-one is safe!

After the devastating shooting plot which saw Joe McFadden bow out as Raf di Lucca in December last year, it’s clear that where character deaths are concerned on Holby, no-one is safe – especially as no-one saw that particular death coming at the time. So really, it could be any and every regular cast member on the show.

Nicky and Meena have only just been promoted to F2s, so is that some kind of bad omen? Will they leave before they’ve even really got started? Fletch has only just had his dad come back into his life, so could that spell trouble that turns deadly?

After the surprise factor of Raf’s death, will we be similarly shocked to our core when we finally find out which character is making a very permanent exit, or will this particular demise be one that’s been predicted well in advance? Only time will tell…

Holby City continues tonight (August 8) at 8pm on BBC One.

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