Winterwatch leaves viewers 'giggling like schoolchildren' with innuendo-filled beaver discussion

WHILE Winterwatch's Gillian Burke told viewers of the "superpowers" of beavers, viewers couldn't help but 'giggle like school children'.

Presenting live from the Cornwall Beaver Project on Wednesday's Winterwatch 2021, Burke updated viewers on a family of beavers at the project.

Burke posed by a stuffed beaver which she used to demonstrate its strong tail and other features which help the incredible animals build dams.

She told viewers how some newborn beavers featured on Springwatch were growing up well and learning how to socialise.

"We've seen those kids out playing, lots of social behaviour and it's really great to know that they are thriving," Burke explained.

The biologist went on to describe how the beavers had protected the nearby village from serious flooding thanks to their "dam building activities".

"Beavers are famous for 'beavering' away and they're constantly making changes to their environment," she said.

Burke then explained how researchers at Exeter University found during "peak flood flow, the beavers reduced water flow here by 60%."

"Now let's just think about that for a moment, because the village just a mile downstream from here – Ladock – was very prone to flooding and on a night like tonight, I'm sure they'll be very glad to know the beavers are up here doing their work, building their dams."

While many viewers marvelled at the incredible work of the beavers, many couldn't help but snigger at the potential for innuendos.

Beaver is a slang term for vagina and more viewers "giggled like school children" during the segment.

"Catching up on Winterwatch. Beaver (snigger), wet beaver (snigger snigger). I’m so childish," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Never thought this would be a sentence I’d say, but…I love beavers!!"

And a third said: "Anyone else not able to watch a programme about beavers without sniggering."

In 2017, Burke became a presenter on BBC show, Springwatch, a role which she currently holds.

She presents alongside Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams and Packham's stepdaughter Megan McCubbin.

She has also been a producer and director on several series of the TV show, Animal Planet.

Burke is also a voice-over artist, and has worked on the Discovery Channel.

Winterwatch is on BBC Two Wednesdays at 8pm. 

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