Y The Last Man Disney Plus cast: Who is in the cast?

Y The Last Man: Disney+ releases trailer for graphic novel series

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Y: The Last man is the long-time-coming adaptation of the comic book series by Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra. After years of potential adaptions both as a film and a TV series, the show recently dropped on Hulu in the USA. Now it is making its UK debut on Star on Disney Plus on September 22, introducing viewers to the cast and characters of the female-dominated apocalypse.

What is Y: The Last Man about?

Y: The Last Man is based on the cult-classic DC comic book series of the same name, which centres on an apocalyptic future.

After a cataclysmic event, all mammals with the Y chromosome have been killed off, all but one man and his pet monkey.

The show has been created by an all-female directing team, including The End of the F***ing World’s Destiny Ekaragha, Deliver Us’ Louise Friedberg, and Bosch’s Daisy von Scherler Mayer.

Due to the nature of the plot, the show also boasts a female-focused cast, with some big-name stars leading the entourage.

Express.co.uk has all the details on the main cast members of the show.

Who is in the cast of Y: The Last Man?

Yorick Brown – Ben Schnetzer

Ben Schnetzer stars in the main lead of the show and the last man on Earth, Yorick Brown.

Yorick is an amateur escape artist who is struggling to get by in life when the disaster happens.

He is also still hopelessly in love with his ex-girlfriend, but she was in the Australian outback when the cataclysm occurred.

Schnetzer has starred in numerous projects over the last few years, but he is best known for his role as Marcus Goldman in The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair.

The star recently spoke to Comicbook.com about the new adaptation, sharing what he was most excited about for the show.

“For me, when you’re doing an adaptation of anything, whether it’s a book, or a graphic novel, or a video game, or another movie,” Schnetzer explained, “it always begins and ends with the script that I’m working from.

“I think it was one of the things that excited me a lot was that Eliza Clark, she didn’t shy away from the rougher edges of Yorick and leaned into the fact that there is a lot going on with this guy.

“She didn’t shy away from the darkness in the adaptation, which I think was really exciting.”

Agent 355 – Ashley Romans

Agent 355 is a member of the mysterious organisation that has been working for the White House in secret since the time of George Washington.

Played by Ashley Romans, Agent 355 has an acerbic point of view, often frustrated by Yorick’s more aloof nature.

Romans recently starred in NOS4A2 as Tabitha Hutter, the adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel, the son of Stephen King.

She is arguably best known for her role in Shameless as Alex, along with I’m Dying Up Here as Alvira.

Hero Brown – Olivia Thirlby

Yorick’s sister and paramedic, Olivia Thirlby stars as Hero Brown.

Hero has an addictive personality which is part of the reason why she falls in with a man-hating cult that forms after the apocalypse.

While she and Yorick are close, their relationship is put to the ultimate test by her new group of cultists.

Fans will recognise Thirlby from 2012’s Dredd, where she played Rookie Anderson.

This is an adaptation of the 2000 AD comic book Judge Dredd, which also received a previous Hollywood adaption in 1995 starring Sylvester Stallone.

Most recently, Thirlby could be seen in The L Word: Generation Q and Goliath.

Jennifer Brown – Diane Lane

The biggest star of the show, Diane Lane stars as Jennifer Brown, Yorick’s mother.

Not only this but Jennifer is thrust into the position of President of the United States, as every man in the line of succession dies.

Jennifer will have to deal with mounting problems, not only in the United States borders but also in a slowly imploding world.

Lane is known for roles including Martha Kent in DC’s Justice League films, Annette Shepard in House of Cards and she voiced the mum from Inside Out.


Dr Allison Mann – Diana Bang

Dr Allison Mann will be playing a crucial role in the show, as she is recruited by the United States government due to her genetic research.

As a geneticist and cloning expert, Allison could be the solution to saving humanity from collapsing into history.

Played by Diana Bang, the star is best known for her roles in shows such as Away, The Astronauts, and Resident Alien.

Beth Deville – Juliana Canfield

Juliana Canfield will be playing Beth Deville, Yorick’s ex-girlfriend that was in Australia during the loss of the men of Earth.

Crippled by survivors’ guilt, she struggles to build a new life for herself in Australia while being completely unaware Yorick is alive.

Viewers will recognise Canfield from Succession where she plays Jess Jordan.

Y: The Last Man is currently airing on FX on Hulu in the USA. The UK release date is set for September 22 on Star on Disney Plus.

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