Yellowstone series explained: What is the Train Station and where is it located?

Yellowstone stars tease what’s to come in season four

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Yellowstone fans are eagerly awaiting the release of season four, which will arrive on The Paramount Network in November 2021. Season three ended on a huge cliffhanger and heads will roll when the Duttons find out who ordered the attacks on the family. The suspects could be in for a trip to the Train Station – but what does that mean? 

What is the Train Station in Yellowstone? 

Yellowstone has gone down a huge hit with fans since it started airing on The Paramount Network, and the series is full of drama and shocking twists. 

In the season three finale, the Dutton family members were targeted by anonymous killers, and fans were left wondering who survived. 

John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) was shot, meanwhile his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) was involved in an explosion. 

Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was cornered by a group of gunmen and all three lives could be left hanging in the balance. 

Fans have predicted ranch hand Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) will hunt down the suspects and they will not go unpunished. 

Throughout the series, the Duttons have had to deal with their fair share of enemies and they all suffer a similar fate. 

Fans would have heard the family mention the Train Station, which is a location where they bury the bodies of those they have had to kill. 

In the series, Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J Smith) is heard telling Walker (Ryan Bingham) that the Train Station is in Wyoming just across the state line in “a county with no people, no sheriff and no 12 jurors of your peers”.

He reveals this information whilst dumping the bodies of Wade Morrow (Boots Southerland) and Clint (Brent Walker).

The skeletons are dumped at the bottom of a cliff, in a dark and seemingly bottomless pit. 

John Dutton gives instructions as to how to dispose of Wade and Clint’s bodies, and he says: “You be smart about this. Figure out a plan that works, and you take that trash to the f****** train station.”

There has been a discussion over whether the ‘Train Station’ is a real place, with some fans calling it the ‘Zone of Death’.

Fans have also taken to Reddit to share their thoughts on what the Train Station really refers to, with one saying: “My understanding about the train station on the show is that it’s a 100 square mile area we’re no one lives or hikes. Nature will take its course well before anyone will find them.”

Another said: “Lloyd explained it as it’s a 100 sq mile unincorporated area, meaning there is no government, no police jurisdiction, and it is rough terrain with no residents or hikers.”

Viewers have called for more people to be taken to the Train Station in the upcoming season. 

One said: “In three seasons we’ve only seen it happen once. They talked about doing it with Walker but that, unfortunately, never panned out.

“The first time it happened was awesome and I’ve been wanting to see it again. It bums me out we haven’t seen more of it. I know there’s no way to tell, but I find myself asking when are they going to do it again?'”

There is a chance Rip will be making numerous visits to the Train Station when he find out who ordered the attacks on the Duttons. 

The fan added: “I think it would be a cool angle, if they used it more.

“For example, a detective is called in by local police because a camper found some bones near the train station. Then they begin looking into disappearances near the area.

“That would resurrect the plot lines and make the show intense again where John has problems coming in from all sides.”

Viewers have agreed it would make the show more interesting if John came close to getting caught out for the many skeletons in his closet. 

Another fan said: “Now, THAT’S a storyline that I would love to see. It would actually lend a more realistic bend to the show.

“I mean, are we to believe that they literally kill someone every week and ALWAYS get away with it? No one ever slips up? Nothing ever comes back to bite them in the a**?”

Yellowstone airs on The Paramount Network 

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